Kal-Oni War

Period1260 - 1266
TheaterHells Womb
Gwaeldior Alliance VS Kal-Oni

The Kal-Oni War began as a civil war between the imperial government of Kal-Oni and factions against them. Most of those that opposed them were part of powerful merchant houses with large mercenary armies. These merchant houses sought to turn the empire down the road of commerce. They wanted to change the banking laws and bring commercial agreements down to the company level rather than having to go through the government for approval. The autocratic government of Kal-Oni wanted to increase commerce, but to expand it even further would given the already powerful merchant lords even more sway in the government. At the time, the Shadow Sect was also firmly in control of the government and was not shy at enforcing their will by whatever means necessary. Their murderous and draconic actions turned many to the side of the merchant lords.

In 1255, the Cult of Worms lost control of the Pitch Bone Legion. This powerful undead force roamed about the countryside attacking and destroying everything. For five years, they ravaged the countryside of Kal-Oni leaving scorched earth and ruins in their wake. The turmoil caused by this free-roaming army created an opening for the merchant lords and their secret allies.

In 1260, the city Paradomea ceded from Kal-Oni, starting the Kal-Oni War. This conflict lasted six years, and with its conclusion, Kal-Oni fell. Zayr, capital of Kal-Oni, was left in ruins and abandoned. The dead of the city were put under the care of the priests of Hades. Paradomea became an independent city-state, and smaller holdings of the fallen empire aligned with Paradomea. The Pitch Bone Legion was tracked down after the war and defeated, for a time, at the Battle of Mynzuth.