RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth
RaceGreen Dragon
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born5 Brightstar 546
Died28 Saunas 1201

Mathongrarg was a powerful green dragon that ruled a large part of Maar'tolaak for hundreds of years. By the Year 840, she had several thousand hobgoblins serving her. Mathongrarg and her minions were a constant menace to the people of Anarukthalan. Her greatest adversary was a primordial naga named Rilthang. This naga controlled the swamp Sareon. She had at her beckon called a horde of Graagvrii. In 922, her minions were defeated when they got caught between Anarukthalan's army and Rilthang's Viidostor army. Most of Mathongrarg's army was wiped out near present day Korbortun. Thereafter, Mathongrarg worked on rebuilding her forces but was never able to muster a sizable force to hold any area for long.

Around the Year 1000, Mathongrarg abandoned Maar'tolaak. In the spires of Bathmulg, she carved out a new home overlooking the Ink Sphere.

In the bowels of Imgangreth, she had several offspring.

As time went on, she spent more and more in slumber, dreaming of her earlier days of glory.

On 28 Saunas 1201, Mathongrarg was caught sleeping by a drow war party and slain. In addition to the large hoard, one drow took a couple incisors as trophies. Two decades later, these incisors would ended up in possession of Raxcvillibus. He crafted them into an ornate non-magical sword that would become known as Grarg. On 6 Bloom 1239, Mathongrarg became fully aware of his new state. He had become the sentience of a sword wielded by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc; someone who would become a legend from what the sword believes is largely from his machinations.

His sword, with the sentience of the green dragon Mathongrarg trapped in it, ends his thought for him: "Hiring a dragon to make a kill doesn't come cheap, so whoever our enemy is, they're well-funded. If I were in this dragon's place, I never would've risked an encounter with an unknown. This old dragon's avarice was what killed him. Insatiable desire for more wealth is a problem for all us dragons".

- from the Godspawn Saga

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