Witch-Pack War

Period1190 - 1240
TheaterNorthern Hordelands
Garormuk VS
Witch Horde
Rampager Horde

By the Year 1190, territory of Garormuk was being encroached upon by migrating Theegans. These barbarians were being driven south and east by the Rampager Horde. The Theegans were driven into the lands east of the Hound Wash, which historically had been claimed as gnoll land. This quickly turned into a war between Theegan tribes back by the Witch Horde and the gnoll empire Garormuk.

The jara had to be dealt with first, so the Theegans sent a champion to fight the leader of the Rampager Horde. In 1192, this champion met Jara Khan Rampager on the grassy plains of Tadab-Hal. The Theegans knew that when the fight was over, regardless of who won, the jara would attack. The Theegans outnumbering the jara by 5:1, were prepared for the jara truce breaking. They set-up in squares of pikes and the box held by javelin throwers, heavy infantry and archers. The expected attack never came, because the jara were shocked at how quickly their khan fell to the Theegan champion wielding both Blizzard and Firestorm. With the loss of their khan, the Rampager Horde broke up.

In 1195, the ancient bloodline of Drugnod resurfaced among the gnolls. This gnoll chieftain, proclaimed himself King Drugnod. He and his dynastic successors, organized a united front against the barbarians. The "resurrected" Drugnods won many victories for the gnolls and would likely have regained control of the region and re-established gnoll dominance not seen since Yagamph. Their reign ended with King Drugnod the Third's assassination in 1239.

In 1484, shortly after the fall of Outpost Prime, secret documents were found by the victorious githyanki. These once top secret documents said that the Sanguine Whispers, in the employ of the Witch Horde carried out the contract to kill King Drugnod. They go on to say that King Drugnod was not a true Drugnod, but one resurrected by the Widows of Modrerthim.

At the time, this information was not so easily learned by the Cryptos. Speak with dead and commune spells all failed. The Widows of Modrerthim had masked what they done with powerful spirit spells to confuse even higher powers to such a degree that it wouldn't be worth their time to answer mortal queries. "King Drugnod" remained a mystery for some time. It required making a deal with a church. This resulted in a powerful ritual to speak with the avatar of Phalgas. This god was contacted because of his particular hatred for the undead. The Sanguine Whispers recorded that an agent of Phalgas said that the Widows of Modrerthim were behind the attempt to unite the gnolls and restore their glory. The agent was to say that even my master is baffled at why a bunch of vampire cultists would go to such trouble - was it guilt for bringing down the Drugnod Empire? Or a continuation of Demogorgon's sinister ways?

- from secret historical documents found at Outpost Prime - "Operation King Fall"

During the war, champions of the Theegans wielded two mighty artifacts. These were the relics Blizzard and Firestorm. By way of these items, the Witch Horde unleashed blizzards and firestorms upon their enemies. The weapons were devastatingly effective at annihilating massed troops. They were also used to crack fortifications by freezing them with Blizzard and then heating them with Firestorm.

The war lasted 50 years. In 1240, war weary, and realizing that they were growing weak as their enemies grew stronger, the belligerents signed the Witch-Pack Peace Agreement. This agreement set the Anassúmë river as the border between the two nations.

Notable Battles
  • Assault on Kugirmuk