Built22 Brightstar 1117

Maenglórfan is the name for ten ornately crafted towers built into the coastal walls of Séregon. Each of these towers has the shape of a gargantuan flute, 40' to 150' tall, marvels of engineering.

Normally, winds pass through the holes of the Maenglórfan towers, creating a peaceful and soothing melody. It carries across the city and miles into the countryside and twice as far out into the Core Sea. In times of war, the sounds of the Maenglórfan are magically enhanced by the arcanist guild of Carathlos. In the Sleepers Battle, Maenglórfan's towers put a large attacking force to sleep.

In 1829, the music of Maenglórfan proved its worth by driving off the 1st Horde of Chaos.