Anatomical Academy

RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersParadomea City
Symbolsmoking beaker
Established4 Temporal 1033

In the earliest days of Bralda-Balc, the organization's mission was to support and help the people of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. This noble mission changed over time, from one of charitable ideals to profit and power. The Anatomical Lads were a name given to the group's doctors, priests, and alchemists. They were highly skilled, using potions, herbs, and low-level magic in their healing.

In 1033, half of the Anatomical Lads left to start a school. They got a breath of fresh air, a chance to leave an organization that fear and power seem to keep together. For those that stayed loyal to Bralda-Balc, they would come to regret their decision (c.f Spire Massacre, Year 1115).

Today, headquartered in Paradomea City, secretly financed by an unknown party, the Anatomical Academy is the premier school for studying alchemy and bodily enhancements. The alchemy includes medicines, magical potions, and poison fabrication. The bodily enhancements include grafting and the creation of half flesh-golems. Those seeking to perfect golems, enhance undead, or assist in tortures employ contractors from this school. The school's labs in Paradomea City have the highest survivability rate for operations involving limb replacement or adding bodily enhancements. The Anatomical Academy has secret labs in places far from interference by local laws and thinking. In these places, research is taken to its limits. They are also the most dangerous postings, with labs sometimes going silent.