Class25th necromancer / 6th Thrall of Graz'zt
RaceShadow Dragon (Legendary Dracolich)
TitleAdvisor to Mordkon Bluefang
Born2 Temporal 1101
Undead27 Lunar 1802

Torfillifus, a product of Tiamats Clutch was hatched and raised by Drog'paagol. They remained friends for five centuries. After a feud developed over the spoils of their adventuring, Torfillifus left one who was like a father to him, flying off to eastern Grashakh where he made a lair beneath the Branchard Hills.

In the Year 1801, exploratory mining of old orc mines at Branchard resulted in the disturbance of its current owner. Crimson Eye, holders of mining rights to the hills, and wanting to lay claim to a mine called Diamond Pit had to face the current owner through diplomacy or battle. Crimson Eye learned that the deeper mine shafts of the area were territory of the bainligor serving Torfillifus.

Crimson Eye sent many troops in, but rarely did anyone return from these forlorn missions. In time, a deal was made with Torfillifus and mining efforts renewed in earnest.

Torfillifus became a dracolich shortly after meeting Bilesiss, member of Crimson Eye, Inc., and secret dragon cultist serving Vith Alok. As part of the deal to become a dracolich, Drog'paagol ordered his old friend to begin disruptive operations against the Orchish Empire.

In the Year 1802, Torfillifus went east into the lands of Miradelg√Ľn. In this region, Torfillifus allied with Mordkon Bluefang, and together united the Toomrur tribes into an empire called the Ogre Union.