Soul Storage Depot

RegionHells Womb
LocationPardomea City
Built11 Brightstar 1494

The Soul Storage Depot, the SSD, is located in Pardomea City. It is a jade green pyramid modeled on the Pyramid of Power, but a quarter of its size. This structure serves as a holding place for soul energy. The spell for making one's soul go to the soul bank must be done willingly.

Those running the Soul Storage Depot have the final say on who can be placed here. If they know that allowing a soul in will cause some conflict with a Higher Power then they pass on the business.

The SSD has special chambers which capture a client's soul after he or she perishes. The soul is then transferred to a clone or another respectable body. The magic of the soul capture supersedes any soul capture or stealing by almost every means - Cairn Scythes, weapons, artifacts, creatures but excluding Higher Power or a victim of a Cube Drop.

Tampering with the SSD, even by members of the Council of Nine, has always resulted in the Gilogoth Magistrate passing a sentence of death by disintegration.

When the Soul Storage Depot was opened, it generated a brisk business with adventurers, and those with that could afford the steep price of storing their soul. Over the centuries, a few mishaps have occurred with the loss of souls from faulty manufacturing processes. These accidents and the subsequent lawsuits against the place have had little effect on business.

The Soul Storage Depot also offers cloning. The price of this is separate than the storage cost, but half as much. The Soul Storage Depot is a corporate property of the Council of Nine which according to Paradomea business laws, makes them not liable for problems that arise out of normal business practices.

The soul capturing technology for this structure was the work of a Syndic named Tome. He is said to have learned it from hidden passages of the Libram of Aggda.

Soul Storage Costs
Soul Storage Crystal60,000
Ceratimus Cloning Tank30,000
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