Decay Conclave

RegionAerie of Dragons
Purposeword of Melrith, DNE training
Symbolrotten tree trunk
EnemiesNature Protectorates
Established16 Kindle 1256

The Decay Conclave is led by three dark druids, the liches Telnossuel and Vemmon and the third a demi-lich named Diedriss. They are Blighters intent on twisting nature for their own fell purposes. In the Aerie of Dragons, they rule the Maar Gosvah forest.

The three leaders of the Decay Conclave were once Nature Protectorates. On a mission to study and turn back the evil seeping out of Fethath, they were corrupted. They gave up nature energy for its dark nature opposite. After three top druids succumbed to the evils of Fethath, the Nature Protectorates forbade any more investigations; "re-balancing efforts" would need to be done through others.

We can only wait and see what happens. I know Melrith is behind all this, looking over my shoulder I see no allies, no Aredhel, no Silvanus, nobody but us mere mortals.

- Eclipse, order of business at the Glade Summit - "Losing Faith"

Beyond its dark leaders, the Decay Conclave is comprised of those seeking to use druidic spells requiring Dark Nature Energy.

The Decay Conclave are not content with just haunting Maar Gosvah or the areas around this forest. The first ironmaws to appear on the world of Bal-Kriav came from Vemmon's journeys across the worlds of the Abyss. Ironmaws found in other areas of Bal-Kriav have come from the Decay Conclave.

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