Thasmudyan, Lord of the Undead
CategoryHigher Powers
WorldEndearing Shackles (Tartarus)
RaceCorralum (Lich)
Alignmentneutral evil
Symbolvulture, hyena, worm
DomainDeathbound, Deathless, Necromancy
EnemiesAthena, Hades, Phalgas, Kebechet, Surtur
Born31 Witchrite 369
Godhood13 Witchrite 1001

Born a lower caste Khazarkar, a Corralum, Thasmudyan thirsted for power, rebelling against the Khazarkar authorities, the Minâth.

In 390, a known rebel, Thasmudyan was censured by the Church of Kebechet, becoming a Fallen Cleric. They labeled him an enemy of the state, putting the church on the side of the empire's Minâth-Nôrî.

His desire for revenge and an insatiable desire for power and control led to dealings with darker elements on distant worlds. Through them, he learned of certain tomes found on Necrocrypt. He planned the destruction of the main temple of Kebechet. The raid on Miruk-Nalbêth would allow him to enter Îbendîllûn where were stored maps and secret pass-phrases needed to enter the Abâthigûran vaults hidden across the isles of Gathrot.

In 409, during a period fraught with undead activity, the Zenith of Darkness, Thasmudyan struck the temple of Kebechet. He summoned three maralith blackguards, beseeching none other than Demogorgon for this aid. Demogorgon, always seeking some pawn to spread his Abyssal might, eagerly sent these three vile creatures, all members of his crack personal guard. This force along with dozens of mercenaries led to the plundering of Miruk-Nalbêth and the capture of the needed items to unlock the Abâthigûran vaults.

In 410, Thasmudyan travelled to Gathrot where he entered the Spire of Molakh-Búle. In this ancient void ship, he learned the secrets of the Art of Necromancy and made-off with tomes and other Horgon relics. One of the tomes plundered from the Spire was the Ebon Legion.

Thasmudyan espoused radical ideas of prolonging life through necromantic practices. Villians of society flocked to his Black Banner (a name later taken by the adventuring group Black Banner). He carried on all manner of activities to gain treasure to aid in spreading his influence and power. Extortion, briberies, assassinations, robbery, slave-trading, and in any other foul enterprise were used by Thasmudyan and his followers.

By the middle of the First Epoch, Thasmudyan was a power to be reckoned with in the lands of Gulimbor. His followers numbered in the tens of thousands and were growing. Thasmudyan was unmatched in personal power and his undead armies were becoming a threat to the living. Many of his flock began to revere him as a saint.

Seeking to maintain harmony, a counter to Kebechet's growing influence, The Balance votes to make Thasmudyan a Higher Power. On 13 Witchrite 1001, during another Zenith of Darkness, Thasmudyan passed through the Temple of Ascension, becoming a Higher Power. The area where he became a god became forever corrupted, a place that was would later be enshrined under the bone walls of the Basilica of Thasmudyan.

What they would not do in Life, they will carry out as Undead.

- Caliguworm, "Service in Life, Service In Death"

In the Grim Harvest Crusade (1462 - 1464), the minions of Hades were beset by the undead and goblin armies what would become the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

The Dead Lord Balance will be short-lived. I see no need for balance or status quos, the game will change to absolute domination and eternal sentience for those willing to embrace the Ultimate Gift. You will carry the Black Banner against the foes in the west, that bulwark of good.

- avatar of Thasmudyan, to Jairall Bloodtusk from Jairall's Diaries - "Dead Lord Balance"

In 1464, the citadel Gravestone Gates was occupied by the undead and goblin armies of the Black Tide. They renamed the place Ugidreth. It became the heart of evil, which spread its gloom across Hells Womb and into the Land of Purity in what became known as the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

On the world Bal-Kriav, Thasmudyan's influence is concentrated in evil areas. In the Black Tide War, his Divine Power rose dramatically, for a time making him a Lesser Power among the godly ranks. When the Black Tide was defeated in the Athenian Crusade and the Artery War, he was reduced back to being a Minor Power.

Thasmudyan's religious symbols are aspects of vultures, hyenas, and worms. His more complex symbol is of a rotting hyaenadon with a skeletal head, worms emerging from its eye sockets, and a vulture on its back with entrails in its beak. Thasmudyan is a master of necromancy. He owns a vast repertoire of dark secrets, necromantic spells and rites, all recorded in a great tome called the Last Chapter.

Church Hierarchy of Thasmudyan
Priest RankNotes
Master of Zombieslowest level priest of the Church of Thasmudyan
Master of Skeletons
Master of Ghouls
Master of Ghosts
Master of Licheshead priest of a city's Church of Thasmudyan
Cabalhead priest of a nation's churches, or region's churches, rarely are there more than 1
Arch-Cabalhighest priest of all the Churches of Thasmudyan for a world
Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Ag EnvokCult of Worms
ArgruxielBlack Cluster
Black Tide of ThasmudyanIlfengrim
Tormoran FederationPharêthôn
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Master of UndeadThasmudyan creates double the number of undead with any spell, and they are enhanced with all the Undead Bolstering Feats
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Undead in the Making none
Undead Horde priests

Sign of Thasmudyan

The Sign of Thasmudyan is meant to be a short prayer. It is a finger starting from the left side of his chest, then across to the right, then back to the middle and straight down. It was first conceived by Kat-Trâra Hlothuru. A Tragaran woman known better as Katrana Dumu-loc, lich wife of Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. She came up with this sign in the early days of the adventuring group Black Banner. This group would go on to become the leaders of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and were instrumental in increasing Thasmudyan’s divine power.