Gypsum Rift

Opened11 War March 1244
Closed6 Bloom 1433

The Gypsum Rift was an inter-system rift linking Chaos with the world Bal-Kriav. It was the cumulation of three decades of study and research at Lamprophyre.

Rilirthad built Lamprophyre because in its vicinity were several recurring Web Ruptures. In the Lamp'ald cavern complex, they appeared for a few days, sometimes a couple weeks, then vanished - repaired on the other side by tireless weave spiders. The work done at Lamprophyre was about finding ways to prolong these ruptures, and ultimately, open one up.

On 11 War March 1244, scientists had contained a web rupture for three months. They hid it from the weave spiders; creatures of the Web of Magic who's job it is to repair these sort of things. The web rupture became a rift. When it opened, it flooded Lamp'ald with gypsum. Half of the caverns around were filled with sand, blocking long-used passages back to Rilirthad's nearest holding. Then unbounded by gravity, the river of sand blasted upwards through the cavern roof and upwards 700' to the surface. As the rift grew bigger, Lamprophyre was pushed upward, leaving the Underdark for the skies above. For the next two centuries, the rift continued to spew sand upwards. This pushed through the city like a great sand river, then over the nearby cliffs into the sea. It had two major effects, one was the creation of the Gypsum Dunes, and the other was heightened hostilities between Rilirthad and its neighbors. Ivory Asylum were most alarmed by this. They viewed the rift as terraforming; one with the sole purpose of making the land more suitable to Rilirthad's Earthen.

In 1433, this rift was closed by the Portal Sentinels.

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