Ermikel the Balance

RaceMinâth (Lich)
TitleChief Historian and Record Keeper
Born19 Brightstar 326
Undead14 Witchrite 395
Died3 Bloom 1007

Ermikel the Balance was the first historian and record keeper for the First Khazarkar Empire. As head of the Lore Institute at Mannakhôr, following the tenets of The Balance, he recorded history from an unbiased view, a tradition that has continued with the Loremasters of Ermikel.

Ermikel's investigations into what he called the Dark Calling led to his end. It is rumored the Realm Stalkers carried out his elimination, trapping his unholy essence they prevented Ermikel from reaching his phylactery buried under the ruins of Ermikel's birthplace, once the heart of learning for the Khazarkar Empire, the once great city of Mannakhôr. After a long search Ermikel's phylactery was retrieved. It is said he was terminated on 3 Bloom 1000, his phylactery crushed, and his essence reabsorbed into the cosmos, his negative energy taken by Bal-Kraiv's black hungry moon and his other energies to their true homes.