Shadow Curse

RegionTribe Steppes
LocationShadow Rift
Period1302 - 1317

In the Second Epoch, practitioners of shadow magic and those curious of shadow energy, were drawn to the Synnbarri canyon. Late in the 1200s, illusionists, priests and arcanists began opening rifts to Deaths Kindle. They did this on the urging of Neld-Rac's priests. These priests told them that great energies were in this Shadow Realm and that they were easy to harness. The priests of Neld-Rac, looking to spread the word of their dark god, showed them ancient books and explained the nature of shadow energy and how without conduits it will consume your life essence. After studying the ancient tomes and scrolls of Sarseg, the students began the work of opening permanent rifts between Bal-Kriav and its darkest moon. With these shadow rifts, they were able to practice shadow magic freely and better protect their holdings from the likes of the Jara and threats coming out of the Orchish Empire.

In 1302, and over the next fifteen years, the infusion of so much shadow energy into what was becoming better known as the Shadow Rift, led to the Shadow Curse. Those that remained in the rift became creatures of the shadow, Shades, trusty hounds became shadow mastiffs, and a multitude of other types.

Shadow Rift is still being flooded with shadow energy from its reputed 33 permanent rifts. Those staying in this canyon for too long, possibly a year or more, have an increasing chance of becoming a Shade or other creature of the shadows.

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