Mine Splash

CategorySquad X7E Missions
OperationMine Splash
Strike RankTen
Mission Date5 Lunar 1481

The evil dwarves of Umahanbad are working a place called the Firestone Mines. Our spies have learned that the GharbĂșlĂșm are using a new armor called Elem-Guard. This armor is forged of black silver and mystically enhanced with elemental energies to create a suit of metal that makes the wearer impervious to attacks by magical fire, electricity, cold, and other energies. We have learned that the Orchish Empire is preparing to sell this armor to the Black Tide.

I have foreseen the coming of a dark horde from the east through a valley of crushed bone and rotting marrow.

- Seer Olthinmosh Baltor, "The Marrow Fields"

Mission Coordinator: Throuk-Lut - kobold High Command Marshall

The Battle of Breached Pass has been going on now for three months with little progress on either side. If the Black Tide gear the Pitch Bone Legion with elem-guard armor then the stalemate at Gazulud-Gik will likely end. The undead will smash through the Farinteen armies and then threaten Outpost Prime.

Battleplan Master: human Matheon Gauntletfist

Pinth Blackstrike is active in the area of the Firestone Mines.

Intel on Firestone Mines

You have jumped a strike rank due to the unforeseen dangers of the Pit Viper mission. May you succeed in this surgical strike Mine Splash mission.

- Matheon Gauntletfist, to Squad X7E

Prime Objectives

  • Destroy the Bloodbath Dam
  • Destroy the docking facilities and cranes located at Naram-Gunal
Secondary Objectives

  • Determine if allies exist in the area
  • Steal suits of Elem-Guard Armor


  1. Journey through the Storsalds. Estimated time: four days. Gather provisions at the gnome mining town of Ithilmar. It is two days into Storsald.

  2. Meet with the Juggernaut, which will be hidden in the central copse of the Vapor Pollen Meadows during the fifth day. They will provide you with the worg mounts. The Githirmil will have a harder time in tracking your movements if you the same mounts that they employ.

  3. Enter Laucentar and abandon your dire worgs and move on foot to the base of Firestone Peak. The deep brown walls of High Spear Keep are clearly visible from the northern edge of Laucentar.

  4. Locate the air vent two to three hundred feet above the base of High Spear Keep. When the vent is located; have the Herbal Doctor check the area for signs of black silver vapor.
Herbal Doctor Knowledge

Toxic gas is released when the molten black silver alloy is cooled with water. Each squad member will carry a fungus serum to counteract any ill effects from exposure to the gas. The vial will contain enough liquid for 12 hours.

Saboteur Knowledge

The Bloodbeards are using a glacier-fed river to cool a super-heated alloy called black silver. The only way to effectively cool the black iron and silver mixture before it stresses and cracks is by using pressurized water. The Bloodbath Dam, along with a network of conical drop chutes helps do this.

Seer Knowledge

The Githirmil do not bathe as much as Tragarans, so we shall not bath. It may be prudent to rub our bodies with dung and worg urine when entering Laucentar.

The Giant Steps is a vast range of towering mountains that stretch deep into Grashakh. Dead volcanoes exist mostly on the southern reaches of this mountain range. Bloodbath Dam is at southernmost tip of the Giant Steps.

The higher plateaus of the Giant Steps hold vast glaciers and deep valleys inhabited by frost giants, yeti, gnolls, and ice trolls.