fey village of N'nathil
RegionCinazan, Grashakh, Miradelgûn
MapN'nathil Forest

N'nathil is a vast evergreen forest along the southern parts of the Ugradrath mountain range northwards to the cliffs of Kazrâ. Among hills and mountains, the area howls when the Winds of Talos blow hard.

In lands of the Khazarkar Empire, this forest is only patrolled near the Agluzar Road and around the city of Bazar. The rest is wild and dangerous, home to many packs of dire wolves, xenophobic earth giants, giant lizards, and hobgoblins. The latter are distant descendants of those that once served the Hofthorm Monarchy (145 HE - 101). The tree canopies are home to giant spiders, mischievous fey and those downright evil. The activity in the forest is such that birds of prey build their nest in the highest of trees.

N'nathil's fey, sprites, quicklings, dark woad, thorns, and others have have lived in this forest since the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). Generally they do not like outsiders, dealing only with N'nathil's fey. Tribal in their ways, they have been shaping and growing the forest's vines for so long that one could cross the length and breadth of the forest without touching the ground. There are a maze of these vine trails, bridges, fences, barriers, cages and entire fey villages supported by a thick knotted base of vines. This comes at a cost, the forest littered with trees that have succumbed to the weight of their vines.

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