RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
MapDrenvun Depression

Drenvun is a band of sunken land stretching from the Damreth peaks to Hullbreaker Bay. The area was not always like it is today. When the world Bal-Kriav was created it was like the areas around it, the north was a continuation of the Damreth Peaks, then came the Âruk grasslands, lakes, and swamps. A Plaque of Alphar says that in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) the land bucked under the presence of so many dying primordials. Each death of a minion of Chaos, along a thousand mile battlefront stretching from bay to mountains, tainted the land, entropic energy in amounts small alone, were enormous as a whole. This turned highlands into rubble, created a flatland of perpetual sticky mud, and sunk the area down a 1000' near its start in the north, leveling of as it reaches the shores of Hullbreaker Bay.

Thousands of years later, Drenvun has become a wetland depression, dense foliage in pockets, its is interlaced with bogs and rivulets, tangled swamps, ponds and a multitude of murky pools. The streams and rivulets coming down the Damreth highlands are the area's headwaters. Going south, these are joined by waterfalls and underground streams spilling out of cliff walls. Particularly during the Ice Cap Melt, the mighty Dargirth overflows its banks, doubling the water levels.

In the area's more southern parts are floating settlements. Most rest on shambog islands. There are also many villages on stilts. These places are home to humanoids favoring the swampy conditions of the area, Graagvrii, trolls, and bullywug. In the area's three major settlements, there can also be found Demacian and Kenku.

Drenvun's northern areas have many tunnels leading into Chaexidor. A mile or so down from these is the kuo-toan empire Âkhi. Raiders out of this empire traffic these tunnels frequently, debauching on the surface to snatch food and loot.

Notable Areas