Dragon Lord

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In the Aerie of Dragon, the term Dragon Lord came into usage as the title of a Muneyd'vith leader named Balfroglemis. The Dragonborn of the Vek Viing called him Dragon Lord, the same term used by Tiamat's for her chosen generals on the war world Avernus.

During the reign of the Arkhosian Empire (600 HE - 1600 HE), it was the title given to their highest ranking general.

The term Dragon Lord has carried on over the ages, usually taken by great leaders, or heads of state. It is mainly used in the Aerie of Dragons. From time to time, the term has been used in the Council of Bile; always by those of the Bile family.

Notable Dragon Lords
BalfroglemisDominion of Resalth887 HE - 932 HE
Sos'rahgolArkhosiaHorgon Era
Dinok'sufArkhosiaHorgon Era
Melfase Lahvirn PiivFirst Epoch
Hegmento armyFirst Epoch
Menkentat Ag EnvokFirst Epoch
Vorkulbit Ag EnvokThird Epoch
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