Broken Teeth Meet

RegionNorthern Hordelands
Period3 Hollow 1143 - 17 Hollow 1143

When Yagamph (746 - 956) fell, its people splintered into independent city-states, holds, and tribal interests over that of a centralized state. For two centuries, they quarreled and warred over the spoils of their fallen empire.

In 1143, many of the Zyrath's groups got together at the Broken Teeth Meet. At this meeting, they were urged to return to their old territories and establish a federation. The organizer and top negotiators for the meeting were gnolls of a long lost order of shamans - the Kashu'khas. They inspired the tribes, both gnolls and other races to return to the policies laid down by the Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746) and its successor, the Yagamph Republic - only united could they face the growing might of their neighbors.

On 17 Hollow 1143, after two weeks of deal-making, the Garormuk Federation was established.