Second Kizan War

Theatre of Operations
Period1300 - 1315
TheaterHigh Wood Country
Rúmil VS Rumaktharga

In the First Kizan War, Rúmil's military strategy was to cut the land link between Fargimdal and Rumaktharga. The dwarves outfoxed their enemies, joining caves and making passages that came to be known as the Brother Tunnels. In the second great conflict between Rúmil and the Rumaktharga, the elves used a similar strategy but this time they sought to cut off their water. The river Guirfeint was redirected east, away from the Kizan valley. While Rúmil was building canals for the river's new path, the diggers at Rumaktharga were at work digging deep wells into the Underdark, re-routing mountain streams towards their city. Like in the first war, the elves were beaten not in the field but by dwarven labor and engineering. For Rúmil, even with all her might and ten times the population, could not breach Kizan's deep defenses.

The war also led to the rise in power of several cults and the arrival of priests from a far away land. This all came about from the environmental destruction that came about from Rúmil's river redirection project and Rumaktharga rerouting some of the valley's waterways. One of the cult's that set-up operations in Taurelin was Gebs Chosen. They were employed by Rúmil to oversee the redirection of Guirfeint and to employ Earthen in the digging. Agents of Silvanus, the cult Cheldremn began operations against those wrecking havoc on the land. To counter all the Earthen running about, Cheldremn brought in aid from the distant lands of Karnegmoth. Water weirds, water elementals and their attendants under the then mortal hero Lokestant wasted no time in coming. After arrival, they built a stronghold near the northern edge of what was to become lake Lethiel. From the pearl walls of Anglor Hellion, Lokestant and her cultists went to work against the minions of Gebs Chosen.

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