Magis Institute Golem Factory

Magis Institute
RegionLands of Purity
AliasGolem Factory
Built12 Brighstar 1926 DE

Near the northwestern border of the Lands of Purity is a mystical citadel called Magis Institute. Built in the Dawn Era, it served as training center for arcanists destined to fight in the war with the primordials and then with the demons.

Built with fantastic architecture, many towers and walls of this monolithic structure, defy the laws of physics. Some float on air motes, and others move on their own by magic. For the first century of its opening, it was the home of Arcana. Destined to become a god, in the early years of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Arcana served as the school's headmaster.

In 1345, Nevicanad "stumbled" upon the Magis Institute. Lost since the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), thousands of years masked by great magic, unseen and untouched, it is said Nevicanad solved the mystery of its location from a Scroll of Dawn. Once he got to the location, he then had to reveal something that was hidden intentionally by the Covenant's leaders. This required a complex ritual, one thought known only by Arcana, a spell called Pocket Dimension, hiding up to the mass of an entire mountain in another dimension, frozen in time. Their is a great mystery of how Nevicanad got this ritual, some like to say it the work of Lukoon, as yet unproven.

In the years that followed, Nevicanad taught many aspiring wizards. Magis Institute became a place of learning and study for all mages of any alignment.

Curnerous openly attacked a hated rival today. He nearly killed him with a fireball. A monitor orb came into being in the vicinity of the attack and passed judgment upon him by the Writ of Annihilation - he was blown out of existence, disappearing into a Sphere of Annihilation.

- excerpt from Incident Report, 12 Artifice 1530

Magis Institute has schools for nearly every field of arcane magic. In the area of necromancy, training is limited to level three. The only path the school does not teach is Web Weaving. Based on the experiences of the Gulimbor Catacylsm, the Tragaran empires of the Lands of Purity don't look kindly on those delving into the mysteries of The Weave.

Magis Institute is overseen by a large council of neutrally aligned arcanists. Some are teachers, others administrators, and others enforcers. The latter do their work with the assistance of monitor orbs. These are enhanced, sentient versions of the dreaded sphere of annihilation. They exact death sentences on those violating rules on unsanctioned combat, sabotage, or those not bearing the mark of the Magis Institute. This mark is a magical tattoo meaning one has passed clearance to be in the place.

Magis Institute is home to Bal-Kriav's largest golem collection. There are well-over 1,000 of them, all about the exterior and interior. Some of these golems have been here since the Demon Spawn War, others are the senior class project, required for them to graduate. They have to pay for the golem's construction. The hefty cost leads to some taking up adventuring or other endeavor to fulfill their graduation requirements. Some never return, instead learning the next steps of their art on their own or another. There is an important distinction between the two, one that is checked, a graduate of one of the famed schools of the Magis Institute brings a certain status, trust, and getting a better prices on the things they enchant. These golems are not just for show. When needed, they become a golem army that is nearly unstoppable, a super unit that even the Primordial Lords would shudder at the sight of.

The Mad Wizard Flay is said to have learned some of his skill in golem manufacture from the tomes found in the seemingly endless racks of the Institute's library. One of the more notable of these tomes on golem manufacture is the Book of Orinite.

Members of the Magis Institute can acquire rare spells, spell components, and information. The cost of membership in one of its school is 1,000gp per level of the mage. The schools are open to anyone, of any alignment. Unsanctioned fighting is strictly forbidden.

Notable Personages
CûrkûcPaths of Arcane
Mad Wizard Flaygraduate
Nevicanadprincipal owner
Zarilangiangraduate, Golem Lecture
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