Smickers Lost

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago
AliasSmickers Lot
Founded19 Bliss 1201

Captain Smicker was a notorious pirate of the 12th century. He and his band of pirates had a number of camps, hideouts, and mooring around the Harpoon Sisters. After thirty years of terrorizing the high seas and making bold raids against coastal towns from Brucrumus to Karterus, he decided to retire to the area and turn his largest settlement into a free hold. This meant that it was open to commerce and offered protected from pirating for twenty miles in all directions. His town Smickers Lot grew in population and commercially. For the next two centuries it served as the main commercial hub for the central islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. The success of the town made it a rival of Zerot and raiding target for the T'kyr.

Smickers Lot is on the southern end of the oddly named Smickers Fjord. It was built on the island Kitho-Kir with its port facing west towards Hînad-Hloph. In 1448, the town was overrun by T'kyr raiders. Rumors abound today that it was Jaqad Gyalech, founder of Zerot, who helped the T'kyr take out a rival.

Smickers Lot was never re-built after the devastating raid, instead becoming a cursed place and haven for evil and dark tidings. The ruins and channel around it are perpetually covered in an eerie fog pervaded with the cries of those that fell during three days and nights of rapine and slaughter of 1448. Many derelict craft are still moored in the harbor, most sunken and rotted from time, others more recent arrivals, the last sign of unfortunates seeking easy plunder. Sailors began calling the place Smickers Lost and after three decades pirate maps had lost the old name.

The ruins and for miles around it serve as the abode of sea hags, water naga, undead, and a host of other terrible creatures that lurk either in the waters of its harbor or in the overgrown rubble.

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