Collossapolos - Mirtheon
OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded16 Witchrite 1385

In 1370, Defilnus built a fortress on a rocky precipice overlooking Virgath. This keep was called Bone. Over hundreds of years, the strategic position of this area led the development of the largest city of the Orchish Empire - the great city of Collossapolos. The name of the city is unusual and not dialectal for the Orchish Empire. It is said that as a settlement grew up around her personnel keep, Defilnus came to call it the Tragaran word Collossapolos.

Collossapolos is at the heart of the territories that make-up the Orchish Empire. This great city is second in size to Paradomea City. It is sited on a rocky plateau between the lakes Virgath to the north and Boraresh to the south.

The rapid growth of the population has resulted in a network of walls fortifying the city. There are thirty two concentric walls in the city. Except in times of war, most of these old inner walls are unguarded.

The Grand Collossapolos Market rivals that of Paradomea City's immense central marketplace. It is said, "that if you need something, then the Grand Collossapolos Market has it".

The city can be a wild and dangerous place with revelry, prostitution, slavery, debauchery and a good deal of criminal activity. The city is divided into thirty districts. Each district is surrounded by walls and towers, making it a stronghold for keeping out enemies and containing any civil unrest.

Notable Areas
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