RaceYuan-ti (Anathema)
TitleSerpent Lord of Malshirk'iss
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeityLukoon, Neld-Rac
Born9 Bloom 860
Anathema14 Witchrite 934

In 934, with the help of illithid skilled in morphing, yuan-ti high priests of Tiamat put one of their own through a transformation process considered extremely risky. Ursorehor, a talented yuan-ti abomination, a crafty politician of Aebilchunus, survived what few do, becoming a yuan-ti anathema. Ursorehor was getting old, so in exchange for longevity in the thousands of years, she became Tiamat's agent of change.

In 1401, disgusted with the progress of Gurutharni's scaly ones, Tiamat sent her agent of change into the jungles of Ma'Ohari. Ursorehor was a given a broad mission, unite Tha'lith's quarrelsome yuan-ti tribes, squash the cults of Neld-Rac, and spread her word among the masses. Tiamat gambled on the sheer power and presence of a creature of yuan-ti legend; the arrival of a yuan-ti anathema meant that a god favors them, sending them a champion to crush their enemies. It took eighty years to unite the tribes; something that Tiamat promised would only take if all parts of the mission were fully committed to. There was a loyalty problem, with Ursorehor gaining power and more subjects, she began to transition away from being Tiamat's mortal lackey.

During the bloody conflicts to unite Gurutharni's peoples, Ursorehor was approached by agents of Lukoon and Neld-Rac. They asked for nothing in return, something that Ursorehor liked. She wanted to be able to pick the power that she wanted and not play a pawn to some bigger plan. As is usual in these matters, Ursorehor was playing a part in a bigger plan, keeping Tiamat from establishing a hold in the area.

On 23 Temporal 1478, Ursorehor founded the Malshirk'iss Empire, taking the title Serpent Lord.