Battle of the Footpaths

Orchish Empire VS Khazarkar Empire

By the 15th century of the Epochs, the Khazarkar Empire, had pushed her borders west across Cinazan, along the way assimilating the remnants of once great civilizations. While this was happening, several thousand miles away, the Orchish Empire was pushing north up Grashakh's valleys, across her great plateaus, and into her spires. They annihilated most of what they came across. The two empires crossed swords in the valleys and passes of Ugradrath, hence the name Battle of the Footpaths. The Ugradrath mountain range became their natural border. It would become one of the most heavily fortified areas on the continent.

The battles of this period were frontier skirmishing, nothing large scale. The center of power for both sides were still far away from each other. It would take two decades for them to marshal armies against each other (c.f. First Ugradrath War).