RegionLands of Purity
Wood Elf30%
DeitiesLukoon, others
Symbolshadowy hand
Mottosilence is golden
EnemiesSanguine Whispers, Brotherhood of Sung-Ti
Established2 Lunar 1482

Aldassinen is a notorious thieves guild operating across the Lands of Purity. It was founded during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) by 11 Hanthaerion wood elves. These enigmatic elves jokingly referred to themselves as the Bakers Dozen, a name that has stuck for these founding fathers. During the Black Tide War, the guild focused on sabotage and intelligence gathering. It quickly grew in size as the need for more and more information was needed by those battling the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. When the Black Tide were driven off, they came to work for just about any group and some groups went independent. The guild often competed with the Sanguine Whispers for contracts, and as such, a great animosity was built between the two guilds.

Aldassinen's reputation for intelligence gathering is such that they are often the first choice if you have deep pockets. One of the biggest advantages of the guild are its large numbers of shades.

Shades are uncanny in their ability to meld with shadows, seemingly disappear in dawn's early light, shadow hop, and for some, use shadow magic. Members can become shades and possibly even a Murker, a sort of elite shade with all manner of shadow powers that can make even an average rogue a master at hiding. For an Aldassinen to give up her mortality and become a shade, requires journeying to the lands of the Ink-Shad. There she will meet with one of the Bakers Dozen and undergo the transformation.

- Doorman, excerpt from her book - "Trapped and Locked"

Roughly twenty percent of the guild's members give up their mortality, becoming Shades. The Guild Master sets limits on the number of shades, and makes sure the potential candidates for shading are trustworthy and have the sanity for such a change. Like any organization, there are competing groups within Aldassinen, and due to this guild's size, internecine conflicts are not uncommon. They are so large and widespread that some groups end up operating against each other. This often happens with their contracts with Malacost and the Divine Empire.

Aldassinen has satellite guilds functioning near most cities of the Lands of Purity. These satellite groups usually have their headquarters outside a city in some nearby forest or hills. Members of the guild are commonly referred to among the population as Shadows. Some guild members are employed as "moles", joining some merchant group, guild, or other organization, until called into action by a higher up.

Murkers are members that carry-out the more dangerous and daring tasks, so they have prestige within the guild.