Tamlêrran Mote Fortress
DeitiesArcana, Ptah
EnemiesAbhômaipeth, Artaxertus, Cinderfall
Established29 Bloom 528 HE

In the Cinyossion Conflict (506 HE - 527 HE), the kingdom of Volgad battled the frost giant armies of Cûngin-Zar. With Aphelzâk, Volgad's capital, under siege, wizards began teleporting the people to a safe area a thousand miles north. In the Izrathôr Valley, these refugees were now in the lands of the Zenduram. At the time, this was a guild of high-level arcanists living in the northern wilds where they could openly practice their magic. Rather than risk losing their status, many of Volgad's royalty risked staying behind. They hoped for victory, many fighting to the end rather than fall under the jurisdiction of these mighty wizard. While Volgad was near defeat, far north at Yatthânûr, the people decided on a change in government. Though against the idea, the Zenduram, once a guild dedicated to studying and advancing arcane craft, became the new masters, head of the magocracy government of the newly formed Tamlêrran Empire.

Sited in the Magrâbik Region, Tamlêrran is a nation of states ruled by wizard-governors. It has a long history of internal conflict between these wizard-governors. These conflicts are contained by codes of conduct, forbidding external aid to the belligerents. Some of these wars result in the fall of a state and either the formation of a new state by another wizard-governor or the state is absorbed by the victor. Sometimes, a powerful mage comes along, carving out his own holding at the expense of a wizard-governor. If held for long enough, this mage becomes a wizard-governor of a new state. The laws of the empire are such that states are not allowed to absorb more than two other states and that the nation can never have less than 10 states. Historically, there have always been 12 to 20 states.

The most dire outcome of this feuding led to the formation of two rogue empires, Cinderfall and Artaxertus. One guided by the former wizard-governor Igacin, and the the other under his half-sister Anube. Their feud became known as the Thrones War (751 - present). Tamlêrran has suffered from the spillover of this war, volcanic emissions or the spread of great glaciers. They battled creatures alien to the land, frost and fire giants speaking different dialects, and chaos archons in such numbers that it would seem an invasion from another world. Tamlêrran got some relief when the great arch-mages of the empire pooled their might and skills, creating a barrier, the Elemantum Boundary Ward (758 - 769). This barrier contains most of the elemental energies spreading into the lands from faraway worlds.

The Zenduram along with a large swathe of the population are very distrustful of psionicists. This started early in the Second Epoch when a powerful psionicist of alien origin ( the future emperor of the Orchish Empire ) attempted to wrest control of the nation from its magocracy government. In the ensuing battles, magic proved of little use against the evil lord Blac'Drugulois and the psionic mercenaries of Zisi-Nul. Tamlêrran, on the brink of falling under the authority of an emperor, invoked a mighty gate spell. They summoned forth an army of modrons, and only then had the power to defeat the psionic scourge. Today, Tamlêrran employs Brain Inspectors to root out any practitioners of the psionic arts.

Tamlêrran's most powerful fighting force are the soldiers of Kamlêth-Girân. This crack unit serves the central government and is an army of cloned soldiers.

Tamlêrran has the highest concentration of spell casters in the realm, which makes some foreigners think that Tamlêrran has a wizard behind every door. The Nithian's long history of magic-use has created many legends of wizardry and magic-using forces doing great deeds to protect the people. At the Siege of Imrik, the Šukhan Legion defended the city to the last man; this allowed the populace to escape north. In the Siege of Aphelzâk, the wizards teleportated tens of thousands to the lands of Magrâbik. As a result of the legends and numerous arcane schools, Nithian youth aspire to be spell-casters. The prevalence of magic in their cities and homes also plays into their love and devotion to magic.

Ten percent of Tamlêrran's population are Piamauza, descendants of the Mir'piamauza Empire.

  • Izennâte
  • Tamar-Zidân
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