RegionHells Womb
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesCorellon, Melora, Sehanine
EnemiesCouncil of Bile, Orchish Empire, Surticon, Yastorogg
Founded7 Lunar 129

In 129, the Kriav empire Gwildath sent colonists to Gwaeldior where they founded the settlement Celebriän.

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), Tragarans in great numbers arrived on Hells Womb's southern coasts. The reclusive people of Celebriän resisted encroachment into Gwaeldior. As time went on, the population boom of Tragarans reached the borders of Gwaeldior and the two began to intermingle. A growing population of half-elves created unrest over equal rights; eventually pushing a change in government with a republic formed in 1068.

In 1052, Celebriän's army was out maneuvered. An army of firbolgs besieged and captured their most prized holding. Many were captured, sent west to the Ogre Steps, destined to become slaves of some Toomrur satrap. Nine years later, after defeating Naggor Stormland, Celebriän was repopulated.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), they prevented the Black Tide of Thasmudyan from using the Sorrow Road that passed through Gwaeldior. Avoiding the elves, the Black Tide made the road Black Athroond, which goes into Moregar, passes through the Underdark and then comes back to the surface in the ruin Targind-Nal.

Celebriän have fought many territorial battles with the Council of Bile. These disputes are usually short-lived. In the Third Sorrow Pass War, they joined with them along with Paradomea to stop a territorial grab by the Orchish Empire.

In 1830, they made a secret military pact with the Council of Bile. Two years later, they attacked the Orchish Empire - joining the Chaos War. The elves also fight with Surticon and Yastorogg over slave trafficking and raiding. Unlike the occasional conflicts with Council of Bile, these battles with their northern enemies are ruthless and bloody for both sides.

Celebriän is a beautiful elven city in the western part of Gwaeldior. It has crystal spires, gardens and parks that are miniature forests, and more than a hundred fountains. It is sited on forested ridges flanking the river Delagon. In the narrow areas of the river, getting from one side to the other is often done by decorative covered bridges and spans. The streets that end near wider parts have access ferries and other boats.

Morning mists - either natural or magical occur every morning. Celebriän blends in with the forest around it. Many of the living quarters of the people are tree houses. Hundreds of bridges connect the tree dwellings. At night, the city is aglow with lightning bugs, and a rainbow of colors from the thousands of faeries flying about the city. At ground level, the streets are deep green cobblestones. The buildings are made of brown and green marble from the Gelugon Range. Most of the roofs and supports used the buildings are made of firebrand.

When Celebriän began facing the knights of Bile, they formed their own knightly order to meet them on equal footing. The Inderion was the first elven order of knights founded in Hells Womb. Today, there are several others in Celebriän, but Inderion remains the most prestigious.

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