tribal days of the Drugnod

The Drugnod are perhaps the most well-known Gnoll family of the world of Bal-Kriav. Coming to prominence in the First Epoch, they produced very intelligent and charismatic daughters. Shamanans, witches, and sorcerers, they were more than willing to enter into demon pacts to secure their name in history; like the Drugnod Pact.

When a Drugnod daughter became a chieftain's wife, that tribe dominated those around them. Rather than beating the other side to submission, victory came from outwitting the competition.

- Ermikel the Balance, excerpt from this book Families of Power - "Daughters of Drugnod"

In 546, after a score of victories under the warlord Gaufthaur Drugnod, an empire was established under her family's name. The Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746) brought civilization and advancement to the peoples of Zyrath.

In 1195, the ancient bloodline of Drugnod resurfaced. This gnoll chieftain was Khro'gaz Drugnod. In the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240), he scored many victories against the Witch Horde. Khro'gaz Drugnod and two others of this war were the so-called False Drugnods. Products of the Widows of Modrerthim, the psyche of one was replaced with that of a long-dead Drugnod. Gifted with high intelligence, cunning, and charisma, they turned the war around, dragging it out for decades. Eventually, the Witch Horde went after the leadership, sending in assassins of the Sanguine Whispers to take out each successive False Drugnod.

Notable Personages
Gaufthaur Drugnodfounder, first empress of the Drugnod Dynasty
Khro'gaz DrugnodFalse Drugnod, Witch-Pack War
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