tribal days of the Drugnod

The Drugnod are perhaps the most well-known gnoll family of Brucrumus. They came to power in the First Epoch, and unlike most other gnoll families, the Drugnod sired very intelligent and charismatic daughters. Many of these daughters practiced witchcraft. Historians say that the Drugnod Pact they entered into with demon agents of Demogorgon was the reason of their high intelligence and charisma, and inevitable downfall.

When a Drugnod daughter became a chieftain's wife, that tribe usually dominated those around them. These victories were often attributed to outwitting the enemy rather than beating the other side to submission.

- Ermikel the Balance, excerpt from this book Families of Power - "Daughters of Drugnod"

In 546, after countless victories under the warlord Gaufthaur Drugnod, an empire was established bearing her family name.

The Drugnod Empire brought civilization and advancement to the nomadic tribes of the Zyrath. For two centuries, the Drugnods led this empire under a dynastic line of rulers. Their reign was prosperous and just. The elves of Amanwen make the claim that the civil war that brought down the empire was because of hereditary rule, but the real reason is the machinations of Demogorgon. The Widows of Modrerthim, a vampire cult dedicated to that demon prince, infiltrated the family and slowly took over. The last decade of the Drugnod empire was one of tyranny and the last year a nightmare of vampires. When the city dwellers learned of the vampires taking control of the Drugnods, many left the cities and joined up with those in the countryside, becoming enemies of the state, and belligerents of the Hlothangi Insurgency. In 746 the last of the living Drugnod were slain in the streets of the capital.

Rumors abound of a few Drugnod vampires serving the Widows of Modrerthim. If this is true, they are ancient creatures of terrible power.

In 1195, the ancient bloodline of Drugnod resurfaced among the gnolls. This gnoll chieftain, proclaimed himself King Drugnod the First. In the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240), he and his dynastic successors, organized a united front against the barbarians. The "resurrected" Drugnods won many victories for the gnolls and would likely have regained control of the region and re-established gnoll dominance not seen since Yagamph. Their reign ended with King Drugnod the Third's assassination in 1239.

Several centuries later, when Outpost Prime fell to the githyanki, it was learned that King Drugnod the First was actually a resurrected Drugnod from the time of the Drugnod Empire. He was raised by a vampire of the Widows of Modrerthim and thought to have served as their puppet.