Ironclad Mauler

The evergreen forest of Morath is sited at the crux of three groups of mountains. Atlaknar is to the southwest, Bileddanul is to the north, and to the west are the Torengrarg mountains. To the south of Morath is the tall grassy plains of Ergrium.

Morath has tall forested hills and many broken crags, ravines and cliffs. The forest is home to thousands of wolves and worgs. Many of the worg pups, along with a fair number of cave bears, are captured and bred by the Fograth. The worgs are used by goblin scouts and the cave bears are subjected to vile magic so as to create ironclad maulers. The forest is also home to many earth giant tribes and several green dragons. The largest settlement of the area is Kotharlarg.

In the Morath War, the Orchish Empire seized this area from the Gimhak.

Notable Areas