Tangled Weave

RegionTribe Steppes
SponsorSanguine Whispers
Symbolspider web
Established11 Lunar 1469

Tangled Weave teaches the art of web weaving. It was founded in 1469, four years after the Sanguine Whispers occupied an ancient Lith-Crillion fortress called Ebonstar. In this bastion, Sanguine Whispers explorers recovered ancient scrolls and tomes about the Web of Magic and how to train one into becoming a Web Weaver.

Tangled Weave was located in Outpost Prime. When this place was sacked by the Har'kish, the school was moved to an undisclosed location in the Shadow Rift.

Only members of the Sanguine Whispers can attend this school. Graduates of the Tangled Weave are noted by a tattoo of a web next to their right eye. When tapping into Web of Magic, this tattoo glows blue.

Notable Personages
Hlothram PûtaLecture 4A-2K