Founded19 Dreamer 1473

Kuzrûnn'n is a ruin of the Underdark region Drarthiel. It sits astride the ancient demon-cut road Black Athroond. Along this road, the Black Tide built Kuzrûnn'n as an underground forge. In the Artery War (1546 - 1554), their forces were driven from Brucrumus. Kuzrûnn'n became a haven for humanoids, undead, and Underdark monsters.

The forges of Kuzrûnn'n hold powerful dark enchantments. They have been used to create the Crosses of Doom and other evilly enchanted items.

There are a considerable number of undead and other monstrosities haunting Kuzrûnn'n. Many of these were created in the Fodder Mine. For a time, an area that pumped out undead soldiers for the Black Tide.

Trade caravans and any sensible travelers that have to pass through this area often take circuitous routes through side passages that go around the ruin and the mine.

Notable Areas
  • Forges of Kuzrûnn'n
Civilization Tree
Black Tide