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Nellaegaer is a lake in Elberial. The lake is the abode of many nymphs, dryads, sylphs and even some evil watery creatures like nereids and water wierds. The lake suffered disaster during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). Deep beneath the lake, the lich Katrana Dumu-loc created a permanent gate to the Abyss world Inguvile. This inter-system gateway is the Abyssal Funnel. It also created a nearby fissure which opened into the void. This fissure sucked an entire demoniac army into the darkness of airless space, destroying them instantly. This army was poised to invade the Sylvan Kingdoms by way of an alliance between Katrana and some unknown demon lord. It thought that Arcana closed the fissure. Nellaegaer filled back up over the next couple hundred years.

Notable Areas