Typeclasses of ships, unique ships
General ClassMedium
Astral ShipsAstral Sea
Sailing Shipswater
Seam Bargesemi-liquid elemental earth
Skyshipssky (rarely water)
VoidshipsVoid, sky

Skyships and voidships are very expensive and difficult to procure and build. The vast sums of money and specialized labor required to produce such craft preclude the average creatures from owning one. Normally only empires, wealthy city-states, or well funded organizations have them. For others, more nefarious means are typically used to acquire these prizes; black market, salvage, or conquest. The cost of ships generally exclude cannons, weaponry, and other enhancements like improved hull protections. Normally voidships are not water-tight or built to be seaworthy, yet may have a ship-like design out of tradition or to be more aerodynamic for flight in a world's atmosphere.

Many civilized and wealthy nations of the realm have dry docks suited for handling sky and voidships. Some of these ships are designed so that they can be put down on any hard surface, an example being the giff platform, while others just hover under their own magic. Port fees for skyships and voidships are five to ten times what they are for water-borne craft. Some of the largest vessels, like Class A Pyramids of Set and the Pillar of Horns cannot be ported in cities. They must be berthed at large military bases.

It is a hostile act to take an armed vessel of air into nearly any city's airspace. They will be searched and escorted into the city. Gunports must be closed and locked at all times.

- common law - "Closed Gun Ports"