Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk

ForgeTarkalazîr (royal forge at Akann'ndâb)
Built14 Brightstar 426
Locationnone - item destroyed

The Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk was a symbol of power for the First Khazarkar Empire. In 426, it was created for King Phenul-Tamrâk by the court wizard Bânizgar. It served as the badge of station for the empire's leaders for a little over 500 years. As the might of the empire grew, the power of the scepter grew with it. Nobody knows when the scepter became an artifact, but when it was accidentally dropped from a tower and left undamaged, the rumors spread of its great strength.

In the Year 993, the Eldritch Conclave forced a change of government in the First Khazarkar Empire. Sakazrân Garbanâth took possession of the scepter and secured the artifact in one of his labyrinths.

Hundreds of years after the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), Sakazrân now a lich Nature Protectorate of Gulimbor, learned that by destroying the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk he could bring some stability to the chaotic weather patterns of Gulimbor. This unnatural weather was one of the lingering effects of the Gulimbor Cataclysm.

In 1443, the artifact was destroyed near the heart of Barândîr. It is said that the primordial Geb helped Sakazrân in this task. When the item was destroyed, Geb was slightly injured and lost one of his fingers in the ensuing blast. This finger was never recovered and probably lies somewhere out there in the icy wastes of the glacier. Sakazrân was also injured. He lost his hand, which was found many years later by a foraging frost giant. The hand is itself an artifact, called the Hand of Sakazrân. The destruction of the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk caused the glacier to expand by 300%. It expanded all the way into Hedrac. Over the next thirty years, the temperature variations and stormy conditions of Gulimbor began to return to normal.

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