Cube of Arcane

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A Cube of Arcane is an enormous object, fifty miles on a side, blue-gray in color, and humming with magic. Devices of Creation, they began as anchors for the makings of a world. Greatly accelerated by a Cube, Creationists can make and stock a world quicker.

The raw materials, the energies for making a Sphere are readily available. Its the flotsam of the Sea of Entropy, the remnants of smashed worlds and countless civilizations of the Lost Ages.

- unknown

Those of Belras Foroderch, near the COA 411, say the Cubes are batteries for arcane energy, conduits to the Web of Magic, supplying all the magical energy for the world around it.

The first Cube was made on the world of Kriav. On 19 Bloom 1301 DE, it lost its structural integrity, collapsing upon itself in what became known as the Cube Collapse.

All Cubes of Arcane produce vibrations and energy surges. These create an uninhabitable area of up to a hundred miles, and deadly to most for anything coming within five miles.

Worlds with a Cube of Arcane allow the re-charging of arcane spells, the creation of magic items, and other uses of arcane energy. Without the use of rift-making devices like null mines, Cubes of Arcane also protect a world from being an exit point for a rift or entry by way of teleportation.

Notable Cubes of Arcane
Specific NameBuiltLocation
COA 4111 Temporal 1451 DEBal-Kriav