Cube of Arcane

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On the world Bal-Kriav, in the midst of the Forbidden Sea is a vast cube of blue-gray substance. Composed of an unknown material, this cube radiates a seemingly unlimited amount of arcane energy. It is believed by some to be the source of all magic on Bal-Kriav, somehow linked with the Web of Magic. This Cube of Arcane is not unique. There is a Cube on dozens, maybe hundreds of other worlds with the sole purpose of tapping the Web of Magic and making its energy available to the world around it. It is thought that without these Cube's, worlds could not have been created and stocked with life as they were done in the ancient eras by the Creationists. One of the earliest Cubes was made on Kriav, a template for other worlds. Because of divine play, it lost its structural integrity, collapsing upon itself in what became known as the Cube Collapse.

A Cube of Arcane is enormous almost beyond comprehension. It is fifty miles on a side, blue-gray in color and humming with magic. It is hazardous to come within five miles of a Cube because its vibrations and energy surges continuously emanate outward in all directions. On Bal-Kriav, this causes 1000 square miles of the Forbidden Sea to have constant rough seas and producing the occasional tidal wave which will sink any oceangoing ship unless it happens to fall under the gaze of Loki. Those who have battled past the waves to touch Bal-Kriav's cube have all been instantly obliterated. Most of what is known about the Cube's is mere speculation. So far, all attempts at scrying on the cube have ended in failure, usually with the individual dying from cranial implosion, or so says the Cube Zealots of Belras Foroderch. This is more likely a way of keeping others from exploring its mysteries.

Voidships of the Orchish Empire have passed over the Cube of Arcane, at a safe distance, and dropped prisoners into it. The reports of these "cube death sentences", or Cube Drops, indicate that the victim explodes in blue-white energy as they strike the Cube's glassy surface, followed by a faintly visible shock wave that reverberates upward from point of impact, ending in a shrilling wail of agony from the victim.

Some have speculated that the changing nature of Ice Cap may have come about from Cari'phis being dumped in the Cube. The dark blue ice expansion into this region from the direction of the Cube started about three centuries after she disappeared into the Cube, so the theories may have some basis.

The blue glacial flows and azure patches of ice across Bal-Kriav’s region Ice Cap are attributed to the Cube of Arcane. What few know, is that the entire region is a product of the Cube of Arcane. They theorize that it is either a defect in its supposed flawless design or pieces carved from it, like orbs of arcane and spheres of arcane, caused irreparable damage.

The Tazu Hidyal, or scornfully the Cube Zealots, of Belras Foroderch mapped the invisible lines of energy, magical rivulets, flowing westward from the Cube into Ice Cap. These streams of magic are also present in the smoldering lands of Gludragh, a region cooked from underneath by magical heat. This heat, like the chill of Ice Cap are both a product of the magical emanations seeping from a damaged Cube, or so claim the Cube Zealots.

In 1832, Trauma Squad explored a subterranean complex under Imrik called Geledh. They found secret areas in the place which contained enough information and evidence to conclude that wizards of the Šukhan Legion were experimenting with a Sphere of Arcane taken from the Cube. They learned that during the reign of the Volgads, wizards used an artifact called the Matter Penetrator to carve a piece out of the Cube of Arcane. When taken from the Cube, this chunk coalesced into a sphere of powerful energy. It was then shipped back to Geledh and sunk in a lava river.

1. After pushing it into the river, this sphere, what I shall call a Sphere of Arcane, began converting the lava into water. This was quite remarkable and something that needed to be studied.

2. The Matter Penetrator, a weapon forged during the Dawn Era to destroy Entropy Archs, is the only item that we know of that can cut into the Cube of Arcane, or parts removed from it.

3. We have cut small parts out of the Sphere of Arcane. Even the smallest of these globules will deaden an area of magic. These Globules of Arcane will go to the Special Weapons Division.

4. I have created a blutium rod that contains an Orb of Arcane. Due to the instability of this item, I have contained it in a time stop ward until I can find a way to stabilize its energy.

- Amrî Khêru, from lab notes found by Trauma Squad