Marching Twenty

TypeAdventuring Group
Batti - Tragaran priest of Arcana
Tyr'moch - half-orc follower of Kebechet
Established9 Bloom 1411
Disbanded 12 Temporal 1457

The Marching Twenty was an unusually large group of adventurers that numbered between 15 and 20 members. They were all ex-soldiers of the Stormgur, trusted and respected by friend and foe alike.

In 1445, the kuo-toan ruler Lagdú Gúrkúlub hired them to explore the lower reaches of Shoglomph. On this expedition they relics left over from the Demon Spawn War. The most disturbing of these was the inter-system rift Arioch Cloud. For their findings, in 1446, Paradomea Institute awarded them the Medallion of Dark Delvers.

In 1457, the Marching Twenty were hired by the Nil Koraaviik. They were sent to explore the Crillion Comet. Those that returned from this expedition perished within days, each from an incurable degenerating disorder.