Lab Journals of Neld-Rac


The Lab Journals of Neld-Rac is a collection of 164 lab books written by Neld-Rac. They detail his experiments on living hosts and his attempts to create new lifeforms. They tell of the creation of the Muneyd'vith and of the many failed experiments and thousands that died in the laboratories of what was then still called the Girothe Helas.

When Neld-Rac entered the ranks of Higher Powers in 1121 HE, he left the Spire to the mortals. By this time, it was becoming better known as the Spire of Neld-Rac. His famed lab journals were also left behind.

In 1026, an exploratory unit working for Bralda-Balc, broke into the Spire's labs, finding Neld-Rac's journals. After reading them, some of the leaders of this criminal body became Neld-Rac proselytizers. A few became die-hards, taking up preaching, spreading the word of their new god. For most, they went along for the ride, profiting off the increased traffic in the areas of freshly built religions edifices.

Bralda-Balc was disbanded in 1115. Nearly a century after the organization's end, one of its former leaders, now a vampire custodian of the Spire, let word get out that the journals were still there. He seems to have done this to bring in some humanoid blood, since the nearest settlement of any humanoid was fifty miles away. A dozen parties were lost in the Spire before one succeeded in destroying the vampire lord. This group was in the employ of the Loremasters of Ermikel. The Lab Journals of Neld-Rac were taken back to Paradomea City and sequestered in the libraries of Nuciregmas.