Kamoni War

Period1031 - 1041
TheaterHells Womb
Tarkrath VS Kal-Oni

Near the start of the Second Epoch, the power balance of Hells Womb went about a quick change. Tens of thousands of refugees came to her shores. They were part of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), a time when the empires of Gulimbor and Azrik fled a great magical cataclysm. Of the six empires of the Great Exodus, Cal-Thaoun's refugees came to the southeastern coasts of Hells Womb. They were part of an empire only in name now, with the long-ruling dynastic Cal-Thaoun family thrown over board, murdered on the voyage across the Sea of Mourning. Their rule was replaced by that of the Kal-Oni; one that was to be just as dynastic and self-serving.

One of the peoples that were initially of minor annoyance were the orcs of the Kamoni jungle. At the time, their numbers were unknown and it seemed that they could pose little threat to the growing might of the Kal-Oneans. When the Kal-Oneans began encroaching on the territory of the orc, the satraps, sometimes allies of Tarkrath, went to war.

Early in 1031, the orcs razed the Kal-Oni town of Troom. The Graagvrii of Ghar-Lakh had long suffered from orc slavers and raiding. Eager to settle old scores, they join the offered Kal-Oni alliance.

The greatest hold of the orcs, built long ago by a people forced to live in this perilous jungle, was Tarkrath. It was an ancient city, with towering spires that loomed over the jungle's tallest trees. In 1036, after a two year siege, Tarkrath was captured. Many of its defenders and non-combatants made their escape by tunnels. For the next five years, to war's end, they continued to battle Kal-Oni using guerrilla tactics.

In 1041, making little headway against Kal-Oni, and suffering badly from disease, the the orcs abandoned the area. Their long trek northward became known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096).

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