Locust Encroachment

Period1412 - 1694 ( 282 years )
TheaterAzrik, Hive
Hive Swarms VS Ba'lith

To the south of Azrik is an insect-infested region called Hive. Over a period of more than 200 years, the ravenous insects of this region made great inroads into the territories of the Ba'lith Empire. Attacks, and threat of an attacks that often left no trace of those fallen, proved to be a major factor in limiting Ba'lith's expansion and prosperity.

In the 1500s, by way of magic and toil, Ba'lith erected the Moralak Wall. This defensive works helped slow the advance of the Hive Swarms.

There were so many battles in this war that names like the Rônnahar Campaign and the Battle of Siganbul ended with the 15th Battle of Siganbul and the 10th Rônnahar Campaign. Though contained in the south, the economic consquences and loss of lives is said to have touched the families of all of Ba'lith.

In 1672, the minotaurs of Ba'lith and the Torgilm Confederacy signed the Treaty of Droorlow. One part of this treaty was that the Torgilm Confederacy would help their former foes in the construction of the Sonic Horns. When these weapons were used against the bug armies of Aculeate, they destroyed bugs in the tens of thousands. In some areas, the bug husks towered as high as the walls of Moralak.

In the last few days of the war, nearly fifteen thousand minotaurs died in the assaults. In 1694, Aculeate was reduced so much that it could no longer hold itself together. Its hive mind broken, it splintered into individuals and mini-swarms. The Locust Encroachment had officially ended.


These marvelous devices broke the relentless attacks of the swarms, yet the bugs of Hive do not sleep, they evolve and may one day take to the skies and continue their ravaging attacks on Ba'lith and other hapless victims.

- Glereon, Gimrune engineer of Sonic Horn Third Tower, Section 2 - "Swarm Pause"

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