RegionIzagunbar, Karnegmoth

Ethâr is an elderaunt tribe of Izagunbar. Their territory stretches from the white dunes of Gypsum to the Knaevan river. Their customs, architecture, and dress have in some ways been influenced by their proximity to the Rilirthad. The Ethâr are a "land loving" tribe; as compared to those Elderaunt tribes on the coasts and islands which are considered "water loving".

The Ethâr and Rilirthad have warred on and off for centuries. In the early days, the Ethâr often suffered bitterly in these battles. The balance of power shifted as Ivory Asylum grew in might, and provided more help to their western tribes. In the Ivory Dao War, Rilirthad was forced to cede Skarn and Lamprophyre. They were turned over to a legendary commander named Alluvium Peg.

Ethâr's culture and heritage were forged from Alluvium Peg's indomitable warrior spirit and charisma. He created a training regime and officer corps that resulted in Ethâr becoming the main recruiting area for the Nindarik.

- Ošal Nirullu, elderaunt biographer, excerpt from the book - "Story of Alluvium Peg"

In 1438, the highly decorated Alluvium Peg petitioned Ivory Asylum for statehood. Ethâr became a state of the confederation on 19 War March, the birthday of Alluvium Peg.

In lieu of horses, Ethâr cavalry uses dune reapers. These fearsome beasts, native to the Gypsum Dunes, have been of such great help in the conflicts with Rilirthad that they are honored in Lamprophyre and Skarn with bronze statues, lining polychrome marble streets like sentinels, or poised high atop towers.

Ethâr maintains a vigilant guard and heavy troop concentration on their western borders. They known that Rilirthad is only licking their wounds from their defeat in the Ivory Dao War.

Beneath the cities of the Ethâr are fortified complexes. These places are engineering marvels, with numerous redundant defensive networks. These places are bulwarks of defense against the Mining Brotherhood and other hostile Underdark organizations.

Lamprophyre is the tribe's state capital.