CategoryHigher Powers
RaceWood Elf (Transcended Treant )
Symbolsummer oak tree
DomainAnimal, Nature (bolstered)
Born9 Bloom 1545 DE
Godhood1 Brightstar 9498 GE

In the Dawn Era, Silvanus was a wood elf hero serving under Corellon. He was deeply interested in nature magic becoming a master of the druidic arts. He is thought to have been one of the first to undergo a transformation from a mortal to a fey whereby he became more of nature energy than life energy - a process called transcending. Silvanus's skill reached a point two hundred years after his birth that it rivaled that of Corellon. As a result of this, he was reassigned from Kriav to the Sphere 411 theater. This put him under the command of the god Bal-Kriav where he would rise to prominence and become one of the great archangels of the Creation War.

Silvanus learned his druidic art from the fey angel Naramindan. This tutelage is the only reason that allowed him to come to rival the druidic might of his master.

- Illandë, Corellon proselytizer - "Naramindan Advantage"

In the Creation War, Silvanus served under the Nawirrûs Covenant. On the start of the Battle of Radullu, needing someone tougher, Bal-Kriav made Silvanus an Archangel. One of the Plaques of Aphalur states that he fought in the Battles of Regadnîn and that he helped imprison a primordial dreadnought named Dališar. He was also responsible for re-locating a primordial named Silfergath to the Prison Continent.

Silvanus also fought alongside Danzar-Khâl and Bal-Kriav, driving the Nine Tongued Worm back into Chaos. This epic fight against one of the most powerful primordials resulted in the break-up of an entire continent. Šadullu was ripped asunder and floated up into the sky forming islands of debris in the clouds. Silvanus was so saddened by the disaster that his tears became a perpetual storm that roils across the seas beneath the clouds of a broken continent. This storm is called Silvanus's Tears.

The first treants were created by Silvanus. When he was an archangel, he was the top practitioner of nature energy magic. His ability to harness nature energy also gave him an uncanny sense for finding Sparks of Creation which led to him becoming a Tier 4 Creationist. He created the treants to serve as stealthy spies across many regions and many worlds. These treants became his intelligence network, the Roots of Núlananya. He also created the dryad Huemutril, the first of her kind.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), he was one of the top generals serving under Asmodeus. Silvanus was tasked with guarding Ma'Ohari from the demon invasions plaguing Bal-Kriav. In this region of the realm be battled the demon hordes under Graz'zt. He also saw action on the continent Hezmort. In 9116 GE he had the difficult task of putting down the treant Núlananya - a noble creature that served as the core of the Roots of Núlananya. When this unwelcome task was done, it closed the Núlananya Rift. After that, he and his forces turned on those of Jurusalax. In 9121 GE, somewhere under the canopy of the ancient black oaks of Logor, he killed this demon lord. His troops then went on to liberate the area from the demons and free the Gimrune from centuries of servitude.

Silvanus was a co-founder of the The Balance. He became a member of this group on 20 Temporal 1. His small religious following and growing aloofness to Balance affairs were viewed as a detriment to the stability of the group. To make way for another deity with the Mantle of Nature, Silvanus was removed from The Balance. In 1685, he was replaced by Aredhel.

Two groups that are working hard to increase his divine power are the Cheldremn and the Einglach. Silvanus has a bolstered nature domain that provides follower boons to his worshipers.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Witch HordeEinglach
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Scion of Natureadd +2 DC to all Nature domain spellsnone
Fey Loved+2 diplomacy when dealing with feypriests