Gray Matrix

CategoryAssassin Guilds
RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersParadomea City
Symbolpile of bones
EnemiesCult of Worms, followers of Thasmudyan
Established8 Lunar 1466

The sole objective of this assassin guild is the eradication of those following Thasmudyan and the Black Tide. This group came about from Black Tide atrocities during and after the fall of Gravestone Gates. Before it was sacked in the Siege of Gravestone Gates, this place was Hells Womb's largest and most influential church to Hades.

A century after the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), it was learned that the Council of Nine covertly financed the activities of this organization.

Every member of the Gray Matrix above level 7 is armed with a Hades Hand dagger. This weapon typically holds 2-5 powerful necromantic spells. The guild has priests of Hades which serve as spiritual advisers. The guild also has necromancers in its ranks which focus on spells to combat undead.

In the Alluvium Incident (c.f. Alluvium Deep), Gray Matrix was employed by the Alluvium Wardens to kill family members of House HannanĂ¢tha.