CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentneutral good
Symbolstorm clouds
DomainAir, Water, Weather
BornHadal One
Died18 Brightstar 792
Godhood8 Bloom 822

Tempestant's rise to notoriety began on Gebs Rain. In the 792 Bombing of Geb, Tempestant's 150th mortal year, she worked to break the old habits of her people. These fellow Norderns were not known for their worship of anything but their own enterprise. She told them they must turn to prayer. Ask for help, for the evidence was clear and known to all, ancient ruins across their world pointed to these asteroid bombings as civilization ending events.

On 18 Brightstar 792, along with the entire city around her, Tempestant died in a Bombing of Geb. Her ideas and words carried on after her death. Telepathic messages, psychically programmed into dolphins and other intelligent aquatics, carried the words of Tempestant, telling her people that technology could only take them so far. Starting as druidic cults, it took thirty years for the Norderns to come around to establishing a Church to Tempestant. It was a first for the Eenkai, who like those on their origin world of Throndar, have long shunned the worship of any being; especially one of their own.

On 8 Bloom 822, Tempestant became a Cult Power. It was the start of change in Nordern, a people long relying on natural technology, turned to a mix of the old ways and the use of divine energy in health, food production, and other utilitarian purposes.

In 1692, the Nordern civilization was saved from the another Bombing of Geb. Tempestant provided an escape route for Nordern, a way off Gebs Rain. This help, divine interference, was three rifts called Tempestants Springs.

The presence of Diiv Kiir in Nordern helped Tempestant in her decision to interfere in mortal affairs. The delay of The Balance's decision, approving her measures, led to a calculated risk. In violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, she figured that Bahamut would side with her. She knew that he wanted the Diiv Kiir of Nordern to multiply.

At the legal hearing before The Balance, Tempestant was given a very light punishment. Theologians say that Bahamut to took an interest in the matter because at the time Brucrumus had very few goodly Diiv Kiir. When the Nordern people came through the rifts to Bal-Kriav, they had Diiv Kiir of gold dragon bloodlines numbering close to two thousand. Since then they have multiplied, along the way boosting Bahamut's influence in the Lands of Purity.

- Kyn'thoud, theologian of Helmstar - "In Divine Interest"

Tempestant, the Mistress of Gales, is a recent entrant to the divine ranks. Her ascension was a power play of The Balance, a way to counter the influence of another Higher Power named Poseidon.

Tempestant has been a lover of Phalgas, and other Higher Powers. One of her children is Lokestant.

Many pray to Tempestant for clear weather, safe seas, or to bring down typhoons and storms on one's enemies. A fickle deity, she has been known to turn her back on those that bore her.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Divine Empire
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+1,000 hit points as Demi Power
Modulating Energy+10 modulating energy damage for all attacks