CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentneutral good
Symbolstorm clouds
DomainAir, Water, Weather
Godhood8 Bloom 755

Tempestant, or the "Mistress of Gales" is a fairly recent entrant into the pantheons of gods. In 755, she was ascended by The Balance. This was more done to counter the influence of Poseidon than provide divine guidance to the infidels of Gebs Rain.

Tempestant began to gain power in the realm when she spread her faith on Gebs Rain. On this world, a god-less human civilization was suffering from the world's periodic bombardments from the Belt of Geb. By way of intelligent aquatic creatures, she convinced the Eenkai into paying homage to her. Dolphins and other sea creatures communicated telepathically with the Eenkai, teaching them the ways of Tempestant and to pray for her protection. In 826, Tempestant got her first priest. Thereafter, her faith spread rather quickly through the Eenkai of Nordern. Tempestant helped save her flock on Gebs Rain when she opened three watery rifts between worlds. In 1692, the Nordern civilization came to Bal-Kriav by way of Tempestant's "helping hand"; a violation of the Mandate of the Heavens.

We have yet to learn who helped her open these gates, but what is done is done. We will find out who is responsible and they will suffer a reduction in their power for this direct intervention in mortal affairs.

- Kebechet, conversation with The Balance in the Halls of Equilibrium - "Tempestant's Divine Help"

Tempestant has a growing enmity with the activities of the Rilirthad. These minions of Geb are threatening her sea and ocean domains near the region of Karnegmoth. The Togomud Sink, spilling millions of gallons of mud into the Mud Flow, are steadily encroaching into the areas of the Mephigax and the Pearl Sea.

Some theologians think that Tempestant is actually Alcippe, daughter of Ares. If this is so, Poseidon has more than just competition to resent this new deity. Tempestant is rumored to be a lover of Phalgas, and has even courted other deities when certain favors are needed. Her daughter is Lokestant.

Many pray to her for clear weather, safe seas, or to bring down typhoons and storms on one's enemies. Tempestant is a fickle deity, turning her back on those that bore her.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Divine Empire
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+1,000 hit points as Demi Power
Modulating Energy+10 modulating energy damage for all attacks