Gimhak War

Period1490 - 1503
Orchish Empire VS Gimhak

When the Orchish Empire expanded into the northern reaches of Inirthak they butted heads with the dwarven kingdom Gimhak. The dwarves controlled the mountainous region of Bileddanul and were hostile to the Githirmil from the outset. They fought many battles, but rather than weaken themselves from a protracted war with the dwarves, they decided to encircle them and build up their strength over a period of almost three hundred years. During this long period, the battles with the dwarves were used to train the new soldiers and teach veteran soldiers tactics and strategy. By the Year 1490, the High Command decided it was time to put an end to the dwarven pocket of resistance.

The Gimhak War started when the Orchish Empire gave the dwarves of a Gimhak an ultimatum, namely that they were in violation of the Orc Doctrine of Lebensraum and that to exist them must submit to Orchish Empire rule and become a vassal state. The proud dwarves of Gimhak refused, and a war of extermination ensued between the two nations. The dwarves fought to the bitter end with the forces of the Orchish Empire. By the start of the war, the rapid expansion of the Orchish Empire into Grashakh had resulted in the envelopment of Gimhak territory. The location of Gimhak, at the crux of the Idrongrun, Morath, and Hangath made them a particularly nasty threat to safe orc movement to the northern areas of Grashakh.


In the many battles that made-up the Gimhak War, the orcs utilized gas and fire to drive the pesky dwarves out of their caves or in suffocating the wretches. While against the fortifications, the orcs used their brilliant skills in siege tactics to breach the enemy's walls and in starving out the defenders. The greatest hero of the Gimhak Campaign was Monty the Mad. This bloodthirsty mercenary soldier showed such leadership and courage that the High Command made him a lieutenant. His heroics continued as the war progressed, even getting field promoted to a general in the Battle of Inaruzbudun. He was killed inside Tharam-Khâl. The god of the orcs, Gruumsh, saw his valor and usefulness. He informed his necromancer followers to raise Monty as a death knight.

In 1503, the Gimhak War ended with the fall of the Kingdom of Gimhak. The conquered left many nasty traps and constructs in the path of the conquerors. One such trap resulted in a massive explosion under a fort called Kasherdum. The caused the keep and all the besiegers and defenders to fall into a massive sink-hole, killing more than 5,000.

Today, Bileddanul is plagued with the dwarven constructs and magical guardians leftover from the time of the Gimhak. The natives claim that Gimhak ghosts still build these things in the deeps of Bileddanul.

Notable Battles
  • Battle of Inaruzbudun
  • Siege of Tharam-Khâl