Built9 Saunas 1346

Midrurgrune was built as a small fort by hobgoblins. In one of the oldest chambers of the fortress, they left stone etchings detailing its construction. Over time, the place changed hands many times and grew in size with each new group that took control of the place. Today, Midrurgrune is a mighty bastion sited on the southern slopes of Tîrbalzôn. The many walls and towers are crafted of lava stone and warded with powerful defensive spells. These walls have withstood innumerable assaults by hordes of jara, the Orchish Empire, and bombings by a devastating city-busting weapon called the Hand of Gith.

The chambers within this dragon-sized fortress once housed 20,000 or more humanoids, giants, and other creatures. King Sootsmear ruled from this giant-sized fortress for three decades. While on a pleasure ride, on the back of a giant roc, Sootsmear was ambushed and killed by the dragons Staticikana and Rubicon. These two dragons took control of Midrurgrune and would later establish this place as the capital of Farengrath.

When Midrurgrune fell in the Core Offensive (1749 - 1760), so did the petty state of Farengrath.

Today, Midrurgrune is home the factions of the fallen kingdom of Farengrath . The most powerful is under Master Death Ball, an elder beholder, commanding no less than 15 death tyrants. The most powerful troops garrisoning the place are the Grathirgim.

Notable Areas