Black Tide of Thasmudyan Black Tide

death priest of Thasmudyan
AliasesBlack Tide
GovernmentDead Council
Phanêthil1554 - present
Ugidreth1464 - 1554
EnemiesDivine Empire, Malacost, Ivory Asylum
Established12 Witchrite 1464

The Black Tide of Thasmudyan, or Black Tide, was formed by a renown band of adventurers called Black Banner. The members of this group served as the First Dead Council. The direction of its rulers have been heavily influenced by the Cult of Worms and the whims of Thasmudyan.

The Black Tide became a regional threat in the Year 1464. In the southeastern tracts of Hells Womb a great religious battle was fought between the minions of Hades and those of Thasmudyan. This battle became known as the Siege of Gravestone Gates. It was the last battle fought in a religious crusade between Black Banner and the Dead Guards of Hades (c.f. Grim Harvest Crusade). In this conflict, Black Banner's army captured Gravestone Gates. They renamed the place, calling it Ugidreth.

In Hells Womb, the fall of Gravestone Gates crippled Hades worship. A religious crusade soon followed, with Worm Inquisitors sent far and wide to track down and kill all Hades believers.

A few months later, Black Banner captured Hells Pyramid of Power. The guardians of this pyramid, the krivian ghouls, joined the evil forces of Black Banner. Black Banner was then disbanded, and the empire called the Black Tide of Thasmudyan was established. Ugidreth became the capital of the Black Tide. This city became an undead spawning ground. The first structure to be raised in the ruins was a Church to Thasmudyan. The first to receive a blessing in this place was Dax Jagg. The god Thasmudyan made him the Arch-Cabal of all Bal-Kriav.

Over the decades that followed, the faith of Thasmudyan spread like a plague, with bandits and mercenaries of many lands joining the victorious ranks of the Black Tide. The most feared contingents of Black Tide were the undead. After fighting as one of the living, the killed in action would be raised to continue the will of Thasmudyan.

The first major holding of the Black Tide was Ugidreth.

In the Year 1465, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan started the Black Tide War. The objective was the complete subjugation of the Lands of Purity. In the beginning, the empire's army was composed mostly of goblins from around Othrangad. As time progressed, the empire's undead contingent grew as more soldiers and civilians fell in battle. At its peak of power in the Black Tide War, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan is reputed to have had 200,000 undead soldiers.

The Black Tide War ended in 1504, at which time it controlled a string of fortresses and cities stretching from Bathor to Vraga Moltus. The Black Tide reigned over this vast territory for 42 years (1504 - 1546). It was horrifying reign with undead roaming freely through the land. During this occupation, the Grey-Nil planted spies in nearly every holding of the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb.

In 1539, the Holy Quinary began driving the Black Tide out of the Lands of Purity. This war was the Athena Crusade (1539 - 1551).

In 1546, with the Athena Crusade still going on in the Lands of Purity, the Black Tide is beset by more enemies. In Hells Womb, the Council of Bile, Paradomea and Surticon began their attack on the Black Tide. With her armies already feeling the strain of one war, this new war called the Artery War would be their end on Brucrumus. The two wars scattered the Black Tide's legions of darkness. Those that could escape, fled to Necrocrypt, while others went north into Grashakh or east into the Aerie of Dragons. Some abandoned the Black Tide altogether, becoming citizens or soldiers of the Orchish Empire, the Tormoran Federation, and Ag Envok. Most of the undead, especially the mindless ones, were destroyed. Thousands though, did survive, perhaps still wandering and terrorizing wilder lands.

Their defeat on Brucrumus was not the end of this evil empire. The leaders and others that made it to Necrocrypt began the rebuilding of their ranks. A project that would take decades, perhaps centuries to restore their former numbers

In the Chaos War, the innumerable casualties of this conflict saw a tremendous increase in the undead population of the Black Tide.

Under the cover of darkness, harvesters, grisly rib-cage shaped skyships, would come in over battlefields radiating a pale gray glow over the slain. The corpses rise up, greeted by long sinews that drop from the ship's underside. They pull up the freshly created undead into the bowels of the ship.

It is not will the Black Tide rise again, but when.

- Acktan, Khazarkar scout

In 1832, the Black Tide and the Tormoran Federation forged the Sekbire Pact. In the next year, they became another belligerant of the Chaos War, with their theater of conflict called the Lich Front.