Orchish Empire

Githirmil Light Infantry
RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth
GovernmentHigh Command
Gháshulg1188 - present
Kotharlarg1140 - 1188
Othragmac1096 - 1140
War Troll1%
DeitiesGruumsh, Lukoon, Tarâk, Tiamat
EnemiesKhazarkar Empire, Surticon, Toomrur Hegemony
RulerMonty the Mad
Established16 War March 1096

The Orchish Empire was established by a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois. The ideals, and the difference of its orcs, the Githirmil, over normal Orcs come from his seven century rule.

The name Orchish Empire is derived from the Hishin tribe, the strongest and most supportive of their leader's sweeping changes. Their help in unifying the tribes for greater purpose, under one government, led to the emergence of the Orchish Empire.

The origins of the peoples that make-up this empire began with the Gud-Mortoth, the founding of Tarkrath, and the Kamoni War. In 1041, in what became known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), the orcs migrated north from Kamoni, lands now claimed by the Kal-Oni. This migration north into Inirthak led to conflict with the elves of Gwaeldior and the dwarves of Gathol.

The orc tribes settled in the heart of Brucrumus. This central area is much higher than the surrounding regions; geologists call it a massive plateau. In time, the orcs multiplied, and quickly pacified the best living places. The union of the many tribes of the time - Hishin, Gud-Mortoth, Death's Head, Broken Bone, Blood Hands, Gut Wretch and dozens of others, led to one large tribe under the leadership of a storied Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois.

Blac'drugulois's rule was merciless, any group that sought to break free were crushed. He and his council of top advisers, the High Command, established a federalist system of government - a strong central government with many regional governments. On 16 War March 1096, this organization became known as the Orchish Empire.

The empire's early history was one of conflict with the dwarves and elves of Grashakh and Hells Womb. The War of Nárfaltuin (1048 - 1130), First Sorrow Pass War, Second Sorrow Pass War, and the Gimhak War (1490 - 1503), would bring an end to two kingdoms, making the Orchish Empire the masters of much of central Grashakh.

The orc's first regional army group controlled the Southern Military District. Its purpose was to deal exclusively with relations with anything south of Kotharlarg - then the seat of authority in the Orchish Empire. As the empire expanded, the Northern, Central, and Eastern Military Districts were established. In the Third Sorrow Pass War, forces under the Southern Military District were defeated by the Gwaeldior Pact. After being crippled in this conflict, the Southern Military District was viewed as poorly commanded and with troops that stained the honor of Orchish military prowess. As a result, the First Orc Civil War ensued. In this war, the Southern Military District was destroyed. The lands and peoples of the vanquished Southern armies then suffered insurrection for several years as the spoils of war were divided up among the Northern, Eastern, and the Central Military Districts.

To the west of Grashakh are the barbarians of the Northern Hordelands. They sometimes pose a major threat when banded together by the Witch Horde. These Theegans burn, massacre, and pillage the orc and humanoid settlements whenever they break through the barricade of fortresses along the borders. Fortunately, the rise of the Divine Empire has greatly reduced the raiding by the Theegans. The Orchish Empire also has to deal with the occasional civil war from rogue dragerns or a city deciding to run things its own way, or a new menace that appears from the ashes of some forgotten place.

The Orchish Empire has fortified the rugged highlands of the Giant Steps against their other enemies - the Bloodbeards (c.f. Umahanbad). These dwarves are more a nuisance then a major threat, with raiding and attacks on outlying fortifications causing minor damage.

It is the duty of the Central Military District to check the enemies of the west and any incursions from the south. The Central Military District is a frequent cause of conflict with neighboring nations due to their frequent raiding. The Central Military District acts as a launching pad for raids and invasions of Hells Womb, the Lands of Purity, and the Tribe Steppes.

The Eastern Military District was created to counter the threat of the Toomrur Hegemony and the many other organizations dwelling in the southeast and eastern frontiers.

The strongest district is the Northern Military District. It has the dual role of controlling all the other armies and defending against the incursions of the jara from the Tribe Steppes and their greatest enemy, the Khazarkar Empire. The Khazarkars, being of similar military aggressiveness as the orcs, are always a threat to orc security. They have fought many wars with each other. There are spells of peace between these two nations, but they rarely last longer than a few years.

Due to constant hostilities, the Orchish Empire has the highest concentration of walls, forts, bastions, and other military works of any land in the realm. A travel through the region will find vast tracts of uninhabited land filled with the ruins of ancient cities, crumbling castles and overgrown towns. These regions pose the greatest threat to the traveler with brigands, monsters, and other terrors using them as dwellings. Further travel through the land will encounter fortified towns, cities, strongholds, bastions, citadels, and magnificent canals and aqueducts piping water into barren lands, and far flung outposts.

A thriving and militaristic community of orcs and humanoids dwell in this land called Grashakh. The Githirmil are a proud warmongering race, much different from the normal chaotic orc found in other parts of the realm. They continuously build fortifications and expand their settlements and are bent on conquest.

Expand, Conquest, Settle, Expand

- Gruumsh's First Principle, "First Thing Learned by Orcs"

Even the smallest settlement of the Orchish Empire is walled with a wooden barbican. The war-like nature and rapid expansion of the population frequently lead to the expansion of city walls. One such example is the vast city of Collossapolos. This massive city has 32 rings of walls and a market place that rivals that of Paradomea City.

In the Orchish Empire, the strong inherit the earth, the weak serve them, and governments and armies are frequently toppled. The many warring governors are often despotic, corrupt, near tyrannical, and always seeking ways to elevate themselves to higher stations of power and glory. Focused on military and war, the Orchish Empire lacks refinement in the arts, music, and philosophy, yet are equal to most other civilizations when it comes to medicine, alchemy, and the sciences.

The population of the Orchish Empire are controlled by military governments. These report to dragern staffs and overseen by the emperor.

The Orchish Empire employs vast numbers of humanoids and other beasts throughout their land. Some of these are held against their will, but most enjoy the plunder and success of the orcs. Any creature can rise in rank and prestige in the Orchish Empire, the creature needs only prove his strength and leadership on the battlefield.


The architecture of the Orchish Empire is simple and efficient. The structures are built to withstand time and war. The simplest of towns and villages are walled. The larger dwellings have multiple rings of walls. The vast fortifications of the orcs are constructed by professional engineers, slaves, the labors of black orcs, giants, and other large beasts capable of moving huge blocks of stone.


Githirmil burn their dead on funeral pyres. When they kill others, they sometimes deface the corpse and take body parts as trophies. Soldiers of the Orchish Empire also carve or burn their unit symbol into the slain.