Entropy Eddy

RegionHigh Wood Country
LocationLerundil, Taurquion
Ownersby creator

Entropic Eddies are areas of entropic emanations that often lead to those that live near them becoming more chaotic. They were first created by the Eldalweril and the work continued with the Urthin-Mejin. Specialized drow arcanists of these empires use entropic eddies to destabilize fringe areas of the great Taurquion forest. This sometimes leads to problems with governing the frontiers of the High Wood Country; with particularly vulnerable areas being those part of the Tendrils.

The same entropic energy that was used to create the Abyss, before it was tainted with evil, powers the Entropic Eddies. They are like rifts, but only energy can pass through them which makes them very difficult to repair by even those with the mastery to do so. For this reason, and possibly other dangers, weave spiders will generally only seek to repair these tears in the Web of Magic when they become too large or unstable.

The first Entropic Eddy came about in the High Down War (1285 - 1304) when Lolth gave ancient magic, created by the primordial Piranoth, to a conclave of arcanists in Hyassalmo. They created eddies of invisible chaotic energy in remote places and near the Tendrils of Taurquion. Those exposed to these nearly undetectable pockets became ever more chaotic. This alignment change progressed rapidly over a couple months making them more and more unmanageable by the empires and city-states that lorded over them. These empires include Angrod, RĂºmil, Witch Horde, and the city-states Antokepf and Rumaktharga. In a few cases, those under considerable stress became either enlightened whereupon they became chaotic good or they were broken thereby becoming chaotic evil. The Angrods of Amras Calafalas were one group that were broken.

Those exposed to an Entropic Eddy become chaotically aligned first and then as they continue to be dosed with entropic energy they become so independent or unreliable that they break off from whatever empire or city-state they once answered to. There are dozens of small and medium-sized groups across the High Wood Country that having suffered the effects of an Entropic Eddy answer only to themselves.

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