Bandunazân, looking east towards Erethor
OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded22 Bliss 1017

Bandunazân is 110 miles south of the Khirrêth and east of Sarzan'nâth. The city was the first Khazarkar settlement on Brucrumus. It served as the empire's capital from 1017 to 1027. When the Khazarkar Empire established a theocratic government, the capital was moved to Nibar-Pharân.

Foreigners often refer to this city as Blood Bath Harbor. The violence and crime of this city suits this name over its true name. The place is a haven for pirates and unscrupulous guilds. The city is the largest oceanic port for the Khazarkar Empire. From this port, goods are transported by way of the Erethor to distant ports of call. The southern walls of the city overlook the Cabidrith river.

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