Angrod wearing Fey Wings
RegionHigh Wood Country
Wood Elf80%
DeitiesAredhel, Lokestant
EnemiesCentral Stability, Jara Khan Hordes, Rumaktharga, Urthin-Mejin, Witch Horde
Established19 Brightstar 30

In the Year 24, Lossëhelin's wood elves were driven from Turgon. This was the result of the opening of the Ungorth Reddik Road, unleashing a demon invasion upon the island of the likes that hadn't been seen since the Demon Spawn War. This forced them and other members of the Phael alliance to seek new homelands. The Lossëhelin sailed north, landing on the northwestern shores of Brucrumus. In the Year 30, the survivors of this exodus formed the Angrod confederacy.

Angrod is a confederation of wood elf tribes and fey creatures concentrated in the central tracts of the great Taurquion forest. Angrod's people are widely dispersed, having no defined borders and loose political controls. The nation's wood elves are very tribal, xenophobic, answering only to the self-proclaimed authorities at Mablung when the threat is serious. Outside the cities, holdings tend to be small and nomadic. They have thousands of tree dwellings spread across Taurquion, some vast, like Mablung, and others simple tree cottages for hunting parties or seasonal habitation. If actively searching, travelers will sometimes come upon what appears to be abandoned tree towns, but these are not abandoned, for the elves are migratory, and will sometime later return to the town, making repairs, and inhabiting the place for a time until once again being called back into the wild. Some of these forest dwelling are vast, like Rárvelluilwë, which is linked by five miles of vine and tree bridges.

In 1048, about 3,000 Angrods left the territory of their brethren and migrated to Miradelgûn where they established their own nomadic state called Falin-Tandra.

In 1102, twelve Angrod families were exiled for seditious activities. They were charged with interfering and trying to hamper the "natural" spread of Taurquion. These families migrated far east into the Tribe Steppes and settled at Lúinwë.

The people of this empire do not care much for half-elves or the grays. The Angrods view half-elves as only partially attuned to the forests, and partially attuned to something else - thus unpredictable. The view on the gray elves is that they are not attuned to the natural forests of Bal-Kriav, instead a product of tainted energies released in the Cube Collapse and natives of another world.

The greatest enemies of the Angrods are the drow, dwarves of the Clan region, and the jara. The drow are the biggest threat, since they dwell beneath them in great numbers, and have readily access to the surface from countless holes and caves in the forests of Taurquion. There are also passages leading up from the numerous abandoned dwarven mines of Kizan and Hambrimoth. Tulandur is a hot spot of drow activity, thanks to the drow alliance with the dragon cult Vith Alok. In the High Down War, the Angrods waged war with the drow empire Eldalweril. Genocide, a common practice of the Angrods when fighting the drow, was undertaken and nearly all the drow of this empire were killed.

Angrod's most power weapon is the Pyramid of Nature.