LocationAstral Sea, Bal-Kriav, others
Rib'git1003 - present
nomadic820 - 1003
Alignmentlawful evil
EnemiesB'lailleth, Roongutil, Suellk
RulerVla'akith CLVIII
Established29 Dreamer 820

Har'kish is the third great githyanki empire since the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE). In this conflict, they and the githzerai liberated themselves from Suellk's brain eaters.

The people that became the Har'kish, were one of the groups fleeing the second empire, a shell of its former greatness, all but wiped out by its empress. This githyanki empress, a Vla'akith, was a vampire. History remembers her best as Lady Hunger, ruler of the B'lailleth Empire. She was attended by a court of vampires, and her armies were by the day becoming less living, and more undead. They wracked such havoc, first secretly then openly, that her githyanki subjects fled holds across many worlds. B'lailleth had profiles on everyone, enough information to track any subject down, or get those you hold dear, so everyone scattered in groups. This splintering led to the rise of several githyanki empires, some far down the road, others like the Har'kish fifty years after things got bad.

Those that escaped the Lady Hunger, lived as nomads in the Astral Sea, always looking over their shoulder, always on the run. Under the leadership of Ta'keen, a powerful githyanki mentalist, one group of nomads settled down. On 29 Dreamer 820, Ta'keen became Vla'akith CXVI, ruler of the newly found Har'kish Empire. It was a small petty state, with roughly 10,000 githyanki and 2,000 slaves.

In 899, one of Har'kish's astral skiff discovered a bastion lost since the Creation War. A larger githyanki force followed up this expedition, taking claim of a place they named after the legendary figure Gith, calling the floating orb the Eye of Gith.

In 1003, the empire moved its capital to Rib'git. The choice of this place on an instrument of war, was necessitated by the people's lack of faith in a government that had drifted too far from the githyanki warrior tradition.

In 1312, the Har'kish Civil War ended. This resulted in a schism, two sects of githyanki, those determined to follow the theocratic tradition of the githyanki and those determined to follow a path of political and religious freedom. The latter group became known simply as the Separatists, the Vla'akith CLVI loyalists the Theocrats. The separatists went their own way, a militaristic people, many put their faith in the war god Ares. The Separatists fled the Astral Sea, finding refuge on the world Bal-Kriav. On this world they settled in the ancient Arkhosia bastion Vith Niigol.

In 1318, a separatist traitor gave information on the Vith Niigol to Har'kish agents. The Separatists were driven from the place and fled south to Paradomea. Over the next decade, these Separatists became citizens of Paradomea and because of their military skills, were made into an elite fighting force. Over the years that followed, there were some minor conflicts between the two sects of githyanki, mainly assassinations, but over the next century the Har'kish lost interest in tracking down and killing the Separatists.

Har'kish's most important asset is the Eye of Gith. In addition to this, they have holdings scattered across many worlds.

In 1483, the Eye of Gith rained death upon the cities of Vraga Moltus and Voruner. The casualties were horrendous, with more than ten city blocks leveled by the impact of a single Voice of Gith. Many years after the war, a captured githyanki spy said that the Black Tide of Thasmudyan paid 1.5 million in gold for the Har'kish to bombard these cities.

In the same year, an attempt by the Sanguine Whispers to destroy the weapon resulted in a short relief from the attacks of these astral warriors. Saboteurs of Squad X7E infiltrated the Ithar plateau and cracked the barrel of the Hand of Gith with Nilience satchel charges.

Six months later, the githyanki returned to Bal-Kriav with a new barrel. The Sanguine Whispers paid dearly for their sabotage when the Hand of Gith rained four Voice of Gith on their mountain redoubt Outpost Prime. This assault destroyed many of the outer structures and caused earthquakes and severe structural damage within the reputed 27 levels of the secret fortress. The Har'kish armed forces then mobilized a close-air and ground assault on the fortress. This force consisted of an entire World Assault Core and six ancient red dragons. The great wyrm Slag was also part of this "liquidation effort". Outpost Prime was captured by the githyanki and remained in their possession for many centuries thereafter.

In 1550, the holy armies of the Lands of Purity attacked the githyanki mountain fortress Gith Prime (Outpost Prime renamed). This attack expelled the githyanki, leaving much of the fortress in ruins.

The Har'kish have several land-based outposts on Bal-Kriav (c.f. Vith Niigol). They maintain an uneasy alliance with the Orchish Empire and Ba'lith.

The Giff League and the Deep Six have fought with the Har'kish in a number of engagements, some with dreadful results to their cities and void fleets.

Har'kish soldiers employ a wide array of energy weapons. The most potent offensive weapon of the empire is the city-busting Hand of Gith. It is the ultimate terror weapon of the Har'kish.